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Pintrest, Instagram and Google searches will lead you to a plethora of excellent photos to find inspiration. Get the most from your pins by keeping a theme in mind and storing photos in the same place. The more visuals the better!



Don’t be afraid to show your stylist several different looks but explain why you like each one specifically. If you have multiple photos you like for varying reason and cant decide on one style, show them all and include explaining what you don’t like so you get the most out of your consultation.

curly bangs 2016image1 (2)

Keep in mind the maintenance level. The shorter you take it and the bolder the color expect a 3-4 week turnaround time to keep it looking awesome.


If your unsure how much maintenance a style is ask before you dive in or challenge your stylist to offer ideas of how to make a style less upkeep. Longevity looks can include darkening the roots to give color an ombre effect so your touch ups only happen every 6-8 weeks or leaving your style a bit longer so the grow out isn’t as obvious and you wont need the cut as quickly.



Curl Evolution offers complimentary consultations which is a great way to discuss and make a decision on whether or not if a style will be right for you.

We love getting you photos before and afters please share with us and don’t forget to tag Curl_Evolution and #curlyjourney!

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