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Trending Curly Cuts Winter


Ready for style inspiration for your curls this winter? Look no further these hot styles keep curls fresh and bouncy all winter long. If your getting bored with your hairstyle or just need to refresh your curls. Long short and every thing in between we have a new look to keep you in style.







Crop Top Pixie fun, easy to style this look is super stylish with out really having to try. Tight sides and back eliminate much of the styling. Have fun with the top change the texture with different creams and gels or add a large hot iron into your routine to soften the curl into a top heavy wave. The next look is where to go next when your ready to grow this out.






Elongated Pixie all the fun and ease of a pixie with a bit more fringe at the back and sides. This look stays tight by using gel and pushing the sides down behind the ear for a more sleek effect. Try Curlfection’s Firm Hold Cream Gel Or stick with creams for a loose and fluffy wave. Deva’s New Wave Maker is a hit for this length. Try a dramatic side part to change the look of this style.





Tear Drop Afro Bring on the tight curls! The afro is back big time. It has a more modernized feminine look with the tear drop shape. The angled back elongate the jawline helping to keep your style looking soft and flattering. Think your curls are to loose? Try a new volumizer such as Ouidads Play Curl Volumizing Styling Spray or Devas Frizz Free Volumizing Foam. Pair it up with a cup diffuser for optimal curl.





Lob with a Bang Bring on the volume. Want a sexy versatile cut with bounce. Try out a lob, the bottom sits just below the shoulder and the bang brings out big volume for the top. We love the lob because you can still put curls up and have many styling options.







Lob We have to give homage to the Lob. There’s a reason this cut has been in style for season after season. It looks great on everyone and is easily styled with what ever new product trend you want to try. Want loose waves try Curlfections Lite Cream Gel. Want defined curls try Ouidads Climate Control Gel.



Long Rectangle Layers Big hair is totally in season for 2017. These rectangular layers keep a heavy bottom line with swinging top layers that help keep the rectangle shape. Dry roots with a root lifting diffuser and use a pick to fluff the root. Light teasing with a fine tooth comb at roots can help build the volume as well. Try a light gel such as Devas Curl Maker or Ouidads Create Sea Salt spray to define ends and keep root volumized.