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Tips For Managing Kids Hair

There is probably one thing more frustrating than dealing with your own hair– dealing with your kid’s hair! Sure, we all love our kids dearly but we can admit that patience for hair styling and children do not coincide. They don’t enjoy getting their hair untangled nor do they care for having their hair done in the first place. However, it is important to oversee the health of your kid’s hair and make sure they look presentable.

Good thing there are tablets and toys to keep your children entertained while you attempt to do their hair. Considering this is a process they can absolutely hate, it is important to keep them busy so you can take your time and effectively treat their hair. Make sure to always use appropriate products to avoid tantrums, and most importantly– exposure to harsh products or techniques. Take a look at some tips we recommend for taking care of your kid’s hair:


Use Quality Products for Quality Results
You just cant replace quality products. “Kid products” can strip out natural oils and create matting as well as increase frizz and fairy knots. Just like an adults curls a child’s curls need moisture to look great. “Kid products” often look fun but can cause more problems than solutions. When shopping for your kids stick with quality products that deliver results. If the brand puts out an adult line for curls give the kids line a try but if not leave it on the shelf.

Start With Edges
While most adults usually start with the back parts of their hair when styling, it’s necessary to switch it up when dealing with a child’s hair. Since the edges are the most sensitive (and crucial) when it comes to styling, it’s best to get these out of the way first while your child is still calm. If you style them first, they’ll have more time to settle and get used to their form. If your child becomes fussy and you don’t get to finish their hair, at least you’ve completed the first test– the edges.

Begin Detangling at Ends
This rule applies to anyone detangling their hair and it’s no different when it comes to kids. Start by shampooing your child’s hair using a tear-free shampoo then follow with a low-poo conditioner. Add water to diffuse the tangles and to make the process easier. To avoid any pain, make a fist and hold the top of your kid’s hair while detangling– they won’t feel it. Once you’ve finished with the ends, work your way up gently.

Low-manipulation styles
We’ve all been victims of the tight ponytails and the braids when we were in elementary school. Not only were they cheesy styles, our parents never really considered the tension they might be causing the scalp. Wearing tight hairstyles impedes hair growth and causes breakage. Instead, opt for simpler, looser hairstyles. Low ponytails and buns are a good way to start. If your child enjoys having their hair down, then so be it. Can’t mess up loose hair!

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