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Get Your Curls Ready For Prom Season!

RELAX, We are here to help!
We know the stress that the prom season can bring! Curl Evolution is here to help you get through it looking your absolute best!
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3 Tips To Prepare Your Curls For Prom
1: Curly Cut
2: Highlights
3: Smoothing treatments
Follow these tips to ensure your curls will be healthier and more luscious than ever on your big day!
1: Curly Cut!


A curly cut will get rid of the unwanted split ends and allow your curls to take their natural form, looking stronger and healthier than ever!
We believe the right haircut can empower curly girls to feel confident and love their hair!
Dry Cutting is an innovative way of cutting curly hair while it’s dry. Dry cutting lets us create a style that showcases your natural beauty!
Getting a curly cut will bring more volume to your hair and give it a refreshed, healthier look! Your curls are going to be refreshed and free of split ends and flyaways!
Don’t just take our word for it!
Check out this curly cut transformation!

This beautiful cut was done by our talented stylist Laura!
Notice how healthy and bouncy those curls look!
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When is the right time for a curly cut?
Keep your strands healthy-looking with a curly cut a few weeks before your big day then book a trim closer to your event!
Whether it’s a maintenance trim to get rid of those unwanted split ends and flyaways or a curly cut that adds new shape and volume to those curls, our stylists can do it all!
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2: Highlights

A little color will make your beautiful curls POP!

You’ve learned about spring 2020’s top 4 highlight colors, so it’s time to choose yours!

Are you more of sun-kissed honey, or a sweet strawberry blonde?

Our talented stylists will help you pick the best color for you that will brighten your bouncy curls and brighten your beautiful smile!

*Remember, highlights can outline and enhance the beautiful features on your face and make your eyes pop!*

Check out these golden blonde highlights that brightened and enhanced this client’s curls!

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3. Smoothing treatments

Smoothing treatments are the perfect solution for taming flyaways and frizz while adding beautiful shine with NO downtime and NO restrictions.
Here at Curl Evolution, we personalize each smoothing treatment experience. We adjust smoothness depending on how tight you prefer your curl!
Benefits of Smoothing Treatments

They Reduce frizz and breakage
*Smoothing Treatments keep your curl, but smooth away frizz!*

They give hair a stronger shine
*The smoothing treatment nourishes and strengthens your hair to help repair damage and also prevent future damage!*

They create softer, more manageable curls
*Our smoothing treatments perform curl miracles!*

Make getting ready for prom easier with soft, manageable curls!

Check out this smoothing treatment transformation!

This amazing work is done by one of our amazing stylists here at Curl Evolution!
She really captured and enhanced the natural beauty of these curls!
*Our smoothing treatments will last you 3-4 months!
That means soft, shiny curls for 12-16 weeks!*
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Enhance your natural beauty!

Take a look at this gorgeous work done by one of our talented makeup artists!

A glaze a week before your event will make those curls shinier and healthier than ever!


Our glaze treatments perform curl miracles! Just sit back, relax, and let our talented stylists work their magic! ✨

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