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Show some #CurlLove this Valentine’s Day!


February is the month of love !
Curl Evolution is here to help you love your curls!

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This is the perfect package to create those beautiful healthy and strong curls!

Deep Conditioning Treatments take away the frizz, hydrate your hair and helps it retain moisture. This is key to allow your natural curl pattern to shine through!

Protein-based deep conditioning treatments also strengthen hair, improve elasticity, and prevent breakage.

Checkout this Conditioning Treatment Transformation!

From dry & frizzy to healthy & shiny!

We use the best products to give you the best results possible! Our conditioning treatments will leave you with shinier, healthier and vibrate curls!

Scalp Scrub with 5 minute scalp massage

It’s true… our stylists give the best scalp massages!
Sit back, relax and let our stylists take care of you!

Want to boost your hair growth?
Scalp massages can help!

Are you concerned that your hair is thinning?
Scalp massages are the answer for you! They even increase hair volume!
**Did you know a scalp massage not only relaxes you, but can improve your sleep and memory!**

 Maintenance cut

Do not fear the scissors!
Snip away those unwanted split ends and allow your curl to take its natural form!

Check out this awesome curly cut done by one of our stylists here at Curl Evolution!

This client had her first ever curly cut and the transformation speaks for itself!

“Maintenance trims are essential for removing split ends and shaping to enhance your natural curl and texture.”

-Senior Stylist Jessica at Curl Evolution

*Dry cutting is a special technique that lets us work with your hair’s unique curl pattern to create a style that you’ll love!*

We believe the right haircut can empower curly girls to feel confident and love their hair. Dry cutting lets us create a style that showcases your natural beauty!

Guide for when to trim your hair:

For short hair trims should occur every four-six weeks!
For medium- long length trims should occur every eight – twelve weeks!
If you are trying to grow your hair longer trim every ten – twelve weeks!

Are you due for a trim?

Add some color, shine and pop to those bouncy curls with Olaplex

There is no shine better than the Olaplex shine!
Add shine and enhance the color of those curls with Olaplex No. 2 Bond Perfecter!
Olaplex will…
Make those curls healthy and strong from the inside out!
Rebuild the bonds in the hair internally, making it stronger than ever before!
Let you lighten those curls to levels you didn’t think were possible!

Healthy hair means longer lasting color, more uniform texture, and beautiful, luminous shine!
2: Highlighting Service

Caramel highlights by Senior Stylist Kelsey
Does your winter color need a boost?
Our stylists will help you transform those beautiful curls and get you to your desired color!
Highlights are a great way to add drama and definition to your curls!
Check out these highlights done by our talented stylist Kelsey!

We love a high contrast color!
From a natural, sun kissed look to icy blonde, our hair stylists will transform those curls and make you shine!
Highlighting your hair is fun and new, but it is important to let the right people do it while using the right products to protect those beautiful curls!

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