Safety Precautions


We are just as concerned as you are with a healthy and clean environment for our clients and staff. We have been discussing concerns with salons all over the world and have put these steps in place. It is currently above and beyond what has been asked of us so far but we take this very seriously and will provide everything in our reach to ensure client and staff safety. We are NYS compliant and will adjust the protocol as they do.

New UV light air sanitizing system installed throughout the salons HVAC system to ensure we’re providing the best quality possible air quality.

All staff including receptionists have taken the most recent Barbicide certification and understand all up to date cleansing procedures.

Distancing work stations, Limited staff to client ratios, Health checks are just the start of our in house safety procedures.

Customized face shields at the reception desk and shampoo sink to lessen any possible unintentional contact.

New check-in and check out procedures for clients.