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Different Shapes You Can Achieve With Your Next Curly Cut

The beauty of curly hair is that it comes in all shapes and sizes. The texture of your natural hair and the shape of your face play a role in which shape suits you the best. Luckily for some, their curls already fall into the shape that they want and a curly trim is all you need. Others seek curly cuts (highly recommended)for their new look or use protective styles like braids or twists in order to achieve their desired...
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Detanging Curls – For Parents

There’s only one thing more difficult than detangling your own hair- detangling your kid’s hair! While most parents hate the process of detangling, it’s something they certainly know how to maneuver around without crying and yelling. It’s completely understandable, though- no one enjoys tugging and detangling their hair, especially when it isn’t cooperating. However, with a good use of effective products and knowing your child’s hair, this process can be much more seamless. If your son or daughter has tighter...
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Back To School With Curls

As the summer comes to an end and back to school season is in full effect, most naturals wonder what they’re going to do with their hair. Some feel more comfortable wearing their curls in a big fro throughout the summer but like to tone it down for school. Nothing wrong with that, some feel they don’t want to draw too much attention to themselves. Others don’t mind their big hair and want to wear it to class. However,  being...
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Tackling Dry Split Ends

  Dry, split ends are a nightmare for almost anyone with curly hair. Even if the majority of your hair is healthy, unmoisturized ends virtually cancel that out. Notice how we are advised to pay the most attention to our ends when washing and styling our hair- that’s because the ends are the most prone to dryness and breakage. Even washing your hair too much can have a negative effect on them as it can dry them out if washed...
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Figuring Out Your Curl Type

Figuring Out Your Curl Type “What is my curl type?” many may ask. Curl types are divided into numbers with partnering letters which determine the tightness of your curls the higher the number. The curl types that are commonly known are: 2A / 2B / 2C 3A / 3B / 3C 4A / 4B / 4C The first type, 2A, represents very loose curls that can usually resemble waves. The last type, 4C, resemble the tightest curl pattern usually referred...
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Tips your curl stylist wishes you would follow

Here are some things your stylist hope you take away from the experience:   1. At Home Maintenance is Just as Important as Regular Salon Visits Just because your first time experience at a salon was spectacular does not mean you should allow it to stay at just that. Don’t be afraid to ask your stylist questions throughout the process- it’ll benefit you in the long run!  If you really liked how your hair turned out during your first visit,...
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Hair Porosity Test

Understanding hair porosity is one of the complicated parts about natural hair care. Porosity refers to how much your hair can retain moisture. There are many factors that tie into this such as: curl texture, the amount of moisture it absorbs and retains and the structure of your cuticle. When referring to the levels of porosity, there are three: low, normal and high     Low porosity hair resists moisture but once it’s in, it stays in for a while....
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Quiz! How Well Versed are you in Curl Talk?

Ever heard someone refer to their hair as “CG” and wonder what does that even mean? Well, in the same way every country has their own language(s), curly hair has its own too. We use this jargon to refer to different things like the current state of our hair to the style we did overnight to protect it. It works for those with curls and makes conversation much simpler. Take our quiz and see how you rank with your curly...
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