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Manage The Frizz

Manage the Frizz!

Welcome to 2020 at Curl Evolution! We are here to bring you the best 3 tips on managing frizzy hair and we are even throwing in an awesome promotion to help bring in the new year with a new do!
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Look your best and feel your best with frizz free, healthy curls!

3 Ways to Manage Frizzy Hair!

1.Maintenance Cuts!

Check out this awesome transformation done by one of our stylists here at Curl Evolution!
“Maintenance Cuts are essential for keeping away from split ends and enhancing your hair to grow in its natural curl and texture.”

~Senior Stylist Jessica at Curl Evolution

Dry cutting is a special technique that lets us work with your hair’s unique curl pattern to create a style that you’ll love!

We believe the right haircut can empower curly girls to feel confident and love their hair. Dry cutting lets us create a style that showcases your natural beauty!
Dry cutting takes away the mystery and anticipation of wet cuts!

Guide for when to trim your hair:

For short hair trims should occur every four-six weeks!
For medium-long length trims should occur every eight-twelve weeks!
If you are trying to grow your hair longer trim every ten-twelve weeks!

Are you due for a trim?

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2. Deep Conditioning Treatments!

Curly Cut & Deep Conditioning Treatment
by Andrea ~ Junior Stylist

Deep Conditioning Treatments take away the frizz, hydrate your hair and helps it retain moisture. This is key to allow your natural curl pattern to shine through!

Protein-based deep conditioning treatments also strengthen hair, improve elasticity, and prevent breakage.
A deep conditioning treatment can be done in our salon by one of our stylists, or you can buy the product to use in the comfort of your own home!

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Curlfection Deep Treatment Masque

Try our most popular deep conditioner that hydrates, moisturizes, defrizzes, and softens in just two minutes!

Curlfection Deep Treatment Masque is a rich, super moisturizing formula that hydrates, de-frizzes, and softens the hair while banishing dryness and encourages curl definition and shine. It penetrates to the cuticle to restore natural ceramides and maintains moisture and shine while restoring your hair’s strength, elasticity, moisture retention, porosity, and smoothness.

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3. Smoothing Treatments

The answer to almost all of your hair problems is a Smoothing Treatment! Our stylists use top of the line products to give you the best possible results!

Smoothing treatments are the perfect solution for taming flyways and frizz while adding beautiful shine with NO downtime and NO restrictions.

We personalize each smoothing treatment experience and adjust smoothness depending on how tight you prefer your curl!

3 Benefits of Smoothing Treatments

Reduce frizz and breakage
Add a strong shine
Soften your curls and make them more manageable

Smoothing Treatments keep your curl, AND smooth away frizz!
You can even wash your hair the same day!
Our smoothing treatment holds up for months!

Smooth, reduce frizz, add shine and maintain your healthy hair!

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