The Curl Evolution Cut

The Curl Evolution CutAre You Ready to Love Your Curls?

Whether your curls are waves, ringlets or spirals, we can help you achieve your ideal curly girl look. For almost a decade we have been studying curls: how to cut them, how to care for them and how to style them.

The Wrong Kind of Haircut Won’t Address the Unique Needs of Your Curly Hair.

The wrong haircut can make it difficult to manage curly locks and adds time to your every day routine. Blunt cutting can result in a boxy look, while wet haircuts can create bulky layers or bunching. You can make uneven cuts and stringy ends a thing of the past by getting a haircut tailored to your hair.

Discover Your Most Confident, Naturally Curly You with a Curl Evolution Cut.

We believe the right haircut can empower curly girls to feel confident and love their hair. Our specialized dry cutting technique lets us work with the unique pattern of your hair to create a style that showcases your natural beauty.

Our Dry Cutting Technique is Tailored to Work with the Pattern of Your Hair and Curls.

We’ll show you exactly how your hair will look and where each curl will fall into place. We’ll teach you styling techniques so that you can achieve the same salon look at home.

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