Our Curly Care Philosophy

Styling Curly HairOur Approach to Curly Hair Care

We believe that loving your curls and treating them well is the first step towards achieving your ideal curly girl look. Too many women waste precious time and resources on hair care techniques and products meant to straighten their hair. Rather than fighting your curls, embrace them and allow your natural beauty to shine.

Our approach to curly care involves two things:

  • Your curly hair haircut
  • At home curly hair care with the right products

The Best Haircut for Curly Hair

The Curl Evolution Cut works with the unique texture and pattern of your curls to create curly hair cuts that are both beautiful and easy to care for. Click here to learn more about the Curl Evolution Cut and how it can transform your relationship with your curls.

Caring for Your Curls at Home with the Right Techniques and Products

During our years of working with curly girls we have discovered a few basic routines that can enhance your curls and make them easier to manage. Try the following suggestions as part of your curly hair treatment routine:

Washing Your Curls

Wash your hair with sulfate free cleansers and allow your conditioner to stay on for at least 5 minutes. Simplify your routine with a shampoo and conditioner in one. Try our One–Step Cream Cleanser, which uses coconut extracts to cleanse your hair and scalp and mango butter to moisturize ends. Scrub the cleanser into your scalp, comb it through your hair, and then allow it to hydrate your hair for 5 minutes. Do not towel.

Tip: The only time you should comb your hair is in the shower with product in your hair to avoid damaging it. You can find curly hair combs, gels, and other products in our shop.

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Styling Your Curls

Hair should be soaking wet when applying your product.

For Volume Seekers: Place a quarter sized amount of curly hair styling product into the palms of your hands and coat the outside shell of your curls. (The shell is the hair around your face, the area over your ears and the underneath of your hair.) Divide your hair into sections, then gently rake another quarter sized amount of styling product through the rest of the hair. Flip your hair over and scrunch with your hands until you hear a wet squishing sound, then lightly towel your hair with a micro-fiber towel.

For Non-Volume Seekers: If you’re not looking for volume, don’t flip your hair over while you are styling it. You also don’t need to scrunch your hair while working product through it. Instead, simply place a quarter sized amount of curly hair styling product into the palms of your hands and coat the outside shell of your curls. (The shell is the hair around your face, the area over your ears and the underneath of your hair.) Then divide your hair into a few sections and rake another quarter sized amount of product through the rest of your hair.

Tip: Curly girls with extremely long hair may need to use more of the styling product.

After the product is in, gently use a microfiber towel to wick away excess water.

Setting Your Curls

Diffuser Drying: The air force from a regular hair dryer can cause clumps and frizz. A hair diffuser reduces the velocity of the air hitting your hair, thereby allowing you to dry your hair while also preserving your curls. Diffusers can also maximize volume, giving the impression of a thicker, fuller head of hair. We recommend using a cup style diffuser with fingers. Flip your hair upside down for volume, and then fill the diffuser cup with a section of hair. Stay on each section for approximately 2-3 minutes, depending on the size of the section and the thickness of your hair. Try to avoid moving the curls around while they are drying, which would break the “cast” of your curls. Use the high-heat / low-air setting for best results.

Air Dry / Hood Drying: Air drying involves simply allowing your hair to dry naturally after you’ve washed it, while hood trying means placing a hood or bonnet dryer over your hair to dry your locks at a quicker pace. In either case, begin by shaking out your curls. If you want volume along your roots, apply single-prong pin curl clips for a volume boost. (Lift individual curls along your part and crown area, then place a clip at the root.) You’ll need to use 4-8 clips for the best results, depending on the thickness of your hair. Once all of the clips are in place, allow your hair to dry naturally or use a hood dryer on high to set your curls.

Make sure to let hair dry completely before touching it. Once it’s dry, take out the clips (if applicable) and flip your head upside down to shake out your hair from the roots. Scrunch up your curls to break up and soften some of the curly hair styling product already in your hair. The more you touch and break up the “cast” the softer your curls become. Leave more “cast” in your hair if you wish to get another day or two out of the style.