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Children and Baby Hair Cuts
Children’s cuts are booked at the discounted rate with select stylists. all the same great benefits of a Traditional First Visit Cut or Maintenance Cut.
First Visit Children’s Cut $75 Children’s Maintenance cut is $50.

(Children’s cut refer to under anyone under the age of 12 years)

New Generation First Hair Cut $35 – No wash or styling this is for the newest member who just needs a tiny trim to cultivate those cute curls. ( Babies under 5)

Excessive detangling may have additional charges.
If you prefer a senior stylist not listed as available for children’s cuts please note appointments are booked and charged the same as adults cuts.







Not combinable with other offers

Need a gift NOW but want to pay LATER? No worries!
1.Simply click the picture and print. Or save to your computer and then print or click the link below for the PDF file.
2.Call first to book the appointment before filling out. Our you can leave it opened ended for the receiver to make their own appointment time.
3. Pay on the day of service or we can take your payment over the phone prior to service if your not with the recipient.
Please be kind and give us 48 Hours notice if you need to cancel.


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Save Big! By booking with a Curl Evolution Junior Stylist.
Call reception for details or book online and choose Junior Stylist (No other discounts apply)