Who We Are

Curl Evolution Curly Haircuts

Our Story

Curl Evolution Salon was founded in 2006 as Evolutions Hair Salon. In 2014 we changed our name to Curl Evolution Salon and began to focus on the needs of women with curly hair. This shift came about when we realized that many of our clients had curly locks and were struggling to find hairstyles that made them feel beautiful and confident. We began doing extensive research into the unique needs of curly hair: how to care for it, how to cut it and how to style it both in the salon and at home.

Over years of working with companies that specialized in curly haircuts and products our own approach to curly hair developed, resulting in The Curl Evolution Cut and the Curlfection line of hair care products. Our offerings have resonated with many curly girls, so much so that in the summer of 2015 we outgrew our original space and doubled our salon size by moving to a new location.

We believe that every curly girl deserves a custom haircut that addresses the unique needs of her curls. More than this, we believe in the power of knowledge and strive to teach our clients how to recreate salon styles at home using easy techniques and the right products for their curl type.

Our StylistsEducation for your salon and stylists

All of our stylists receive extensive training before working with our clients one-on-one:

  • Their training begins with classes about cutting techniques for curly hair of different lengths and textures, curly hair styling and the best ways to care for curly hair at home.
  • Stylists then move up to the shampoo station, where they can talk with clients about their curly hair concerns and share what they have learned about caring for and styling curly hair.
  • During the last part of their training stylists have an opportunity to work with clients under the guidance of seasoned Curl Evolution stylist.

The training process usually takes about 6 months and it’s only after demonstrating in-depth knowledge about all aspects of curly hair that a stylist is certified and able to work with clients.

Education for your Salon and Stylists

Interested in providing education on curly cutting and styling as well as color enhancement for your salon? We provide classes in your location or in ours for all different levels of stylist.

Or you may join us for one of our scheduled in salon classes. Please contact the front desk to inquire about private education or Click Here for individual education information for our upcoming in salon classes.