Our Ingredient Philosophy

Curly Hair Product IngredientsOur Ingredient philosophy is use what works best for you! Every curl and every person is an individual.

Every time we look into this topic it seems a website or blogger has decided a particular ingredient shouldn’t be used on curls. A lot of the times the decision is based on their particular experience, individual curl pattern and excessive use of a particular ingredient. We don’t totally agree with saying a flat out NO to any particular ingredient as long as it isn’t a harmful one.

Integrity is always at the top of the list. Many times after talking with a curly girl about her style our recommendation for a product is something she never considered to achieve her desired look. It is all about moderation and, of course, ingredient quality is very important.

  • Silicone: Yes a silicone will be greasy and flatten curls if you use it too much, but water soluble silicones can be a game changer for some who need expansion control.
  • Hair Spray: Some curly girls do need hair spray to hold their hair. When they have the right one the alcohol that is in it is not damaging – it creates control and helps them achieve their desired look.
  • Oil: Don’t say no to an oil – they can be excellent cast breaker that adds shine and softens coarse expansive curls.

Part of our job as stylists is to find solutions for your curls and goals. Your curl pattern is your curl pattern but you can adjust your product to help change how your finished style looks. Talk with a professional stylist, stay open minded, and try something new.