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Smoothing Treatments 101

Smoothing Treatments 101

What can a smoothing treatment do for you?

Smoothing treatments are the perfect solution for taming flyaways and frizz while adding beautiful shine with NO down time and NO restrictions.

Here at curl evolution we personalize each smoothing treatment experience. We adjust smoothness depending on how tight you prefer your curl!

We are here to bring you 3 things that smoothing treatments can do for you! Allow our stylists to give you the look you’ve always wanted!

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3 Benefits of Smoothing Treatments

They Reduce frizz and breakage

Say goodbye to unwanted frizz and split ends!

*Smoothing Treatments keep your curl, but smooth away frizz!*
Don’t worry about losing those luscious curls. Our smoothing treatments simply enhance and define them while taking away that unwanted frizz!
The smoothing treatment nourishes and strengthens your hair to fix any damage and also prevent future damage!
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Check out this stunning transformation!

This style and smoothing treatment was done by one of our talented stylists!

From wild and frizzy to tamed and shiny! This is what we call curlfection!

They give hair a stronger shine

Check out this incredible transformation!

Our smoothing treatments perform curl miracles!

This amazing work is done by our stylist, Melissa!

She really captured and enhanced the natural beauty of these curls!

The smoothing treatment eliminated the frizz, added shine and created definition!

*If your curls are white or light grey please speak with a stylist before booking*

*Our smoothing treatments have no downtime! Wash your hair the same day!*
Most other hair treatments require you to wait a certain amount of time before washing your hair. Our smoothing treatments work instantly, so you have no limits on your hair washing!

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They create softer, more manageable curls

Don’t be shy, embrace those new, beautiful curls!

This smoothing treatment was done by our talented stylists!

Make getting ready easier with soft, manageable curls!

*Going on a winter vacation? No Problem! No restrictions, you can go in the pool or saltwater, unlike other smoothing treatments.*

No chemicals from the beach or pool water will have an effect on our strong smoothing treatments! Our smoothing treatments won’t put a damper on your vacation, instead, they will make your hair look and feel better!

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