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Getting Your Curls Ready For Warmer Weather!


Have no fear, warmer days are near!
Curl Evolution is here to keep those curls healthy and vibrant through all of our seasons!

Sometimes, change is good! We’ll show you how!

3 ways to prepare your curls for warmer weather!

1: Highlights
2: Maintenance Trim
3. Conditioning Treatments

Follow our tips to take on the warmer weather with healthy, vibrant hair!


Get that sun-kissed hair, before the sun!

Does your winter color need a boost?

Get the sun-kissed look by using highlights to add more vibrancy to your hair color!

Hair painting is one of the newest trends!

Hair painting is a highlighting technique that involves free hand painting to get the most natural-looking highlights possible!

Here is why we love hand-painted highlights…

Hand-painted highlights keep your curls looking natural and soft!

We are able to focus on pieces around the face and in the front of curls!

It lifts curls to what would naturally happen in the sun!

Highlighting curls is much different than highlighting straight hair!
When done correctly, highlights can add drama and definition to those luscious curls!
Allow our talented stylists here at Curl Evolution to give you those natural, sun-kissed highlights to brighten even the dullest days!
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Check out this stunning transformation!

These natural, sun-kissed highlights were done by our talented Junior Stylist Laura!

A little bit of color can add a lot of definition!

It’s all about using the right products!

Add shine and enhance the color of those curls with Olaplex No. 2 Bond Perfecter!
Olaplex will…
Make those curls healthy and strong from the inside out!
Rebuild the bonds in the hair internally, making it stronger than ever before!
Let you lighten those curls to levels you didn’t think were possible!

Healthy hair means longer-lasting color, more uniform texture, and beautiful, luminous shine!
(We have a treat for you this February… every highlight gets a complimentary Olaplex treatment for added shine, strength, and definition! Click here to book your February appointment!)

Maintenance Trims!

Maintenance trims will get rid of the unwanted split ends and allow your curls to take their natural form looking stronger and healthier than ever!

We believe the right haircut can empower curly girls to feel confident and love their hair. Dry cutting lets us create a style that showcases your natural beauty!

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Conditioning Treatments!

Deep Conditioning Treatments take away the frizz, hydrate your hair and helps it retain moisture. This is key to allow your natural curl pattern to shine through!

Protein-based deep conditioning treatments also strengthen hair, improve elasticity, and prevent breakage.
Check out this conditioning treatment transformation!

Our talented stylist Laura brought the natural beauty out in these curls!
Smooth, defined, healthy and strong thanks to our conditioning treatments here at Curl Evolution!

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Keep your curls soft with primer!
We use primers on our face before makeup, so why not on our hair before styling??

Primer is a key ingredient to obtaining those soft, luscious curls even through the tough winter weather!

They protect your hair against damage, and minimize breakage! Primers also condition and hydrate, leaving your curls softer, shinier, stronger, and more manageable!

Check out this amazing primer DevaCurl B’Leave-In


B’Leave-In enhances fullness and strength in fine, delicate curls and is ideal for use as a primer!

How to use:
1: Rub between your palms and apply generously to wet or damp curls

2: Glide the product downward to elongate or scrunch it onto hair in an upward motion to add body

Get your style to last longer, without the frizz!

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Transform those luscious locks and brighten that beautiful smile!

Our incredible stylists will give you the look you have always wanted!

Leave our salon confident, happy and ready to show off your new beautiful curls!

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“We can’t wait to see you!”

~The Curl Evolution Team😊