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Blow Dry with out Damaging Curls


blow-out-basics-5This is a tutorial best for waves and s curl pattern curly girls

Integrity is key when blow drying curls. You want a style change NOT a permanent look from heat damage, which can easily happen to curls if done improperly. We encourage you to think about protecting curls from beginning to end.This is a great night time style to do before you go to bed. You will be ready to go in the morning. A good blow style can last a full week. Take your time its worth it!

1. Towel well freshly washed hair and apply a smoothing balm evenly through curls.





2. Blow dry hair in a down ward direction only using hands gently pulling curls smooth. Eliminate 75%  of the water.










blow-dry-step-by-step-53. Take small sections using clips to separate and blow dry hair in a downward motion with a round brush. Do not hold blow dryer on the hair your brush and blow dryer are always moving.








blow-dry-step-by-step-44. Continuously roll ends with heat and then a cool button blast of air to seal in shine and give the ends bounce. Focus on the front hairline. Finish the entire styling with a cool air shot through all your hair. If it feel cold its not dry go back over that section. You can put a small amount of hairspray on your hands and coat over hair to smooth flyway’s.















After Care on wash day make sure you cleanse twice and follow using a deep treatment mask. Allow mask to penetrate for 15 minutes and style curly to restore elasticity.


for more information about choosing the right hair mask click here