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Deep Treatments Myth: More is better… NO More Means Breakage!

All Deep Treatments are suppose to help moisturize and hydrate curls right? Not always.. here’s our take on top contenders in the deep treatment category for curls.

Stylist Top Picks:

melt maskOuidad Melt Down Extreme Repair Mask $32.95 – This product smells great and goes on nice and smooth we didn’t notice the warming sensation that it claims to create which isn’t a major selling point for us any way. You do notice hair feels softer after using. Its best used on fine and medium textured curly girls. Curly girls with minimal damage will benefit from this deep treatment. Thick haired curly girls probably wont see enough results to bother using. Being a restorative product do not allow to stay on longer than the recommended 15 minutes, no heat, you can use up to 2x a week.

its a ten hair maskIt’s A ten Miracle Hair Mask $29.95 – An all around great deep treatment for all hair types this treatment gives you results you can feel immediately. Goes on easily, combs through and detangles quickly. Allow to leave stay in hair 15 minutes or more. Curly clients have been known to leave this product in while sleeping or when going to the beach for maximum moisture. Can be a bit heavy for finer hair

restorative moraccanMoroccan Oil Restorative Hair Mask $45.95 – This is a intense mask. Super thick, be very gentle combing through curls and take your time with a wide tooth comb! Don’t create more damage by rushing. It does repair damaged hair but it can also break hair if you over do it. To much protein will over strengthen and snap hair. Follow the direction completely 1x a week 5-10 min no heat and use less frequently as hair improves. You need to apply a separate conditioner after using this product. This is for people with significantly damaged or weak hair.

heaven in hair devaDeva Curl Heaven In Hair $24.95 – Nice smelling mask makes hair softer but also makes hair feel a bit thicker which is nice for finer haired curly girls. Not mush added softness for ladies with very thick curls.

No matter what deep treatment you use squeeze as much water out of hair as possible before applying. Comb through in different directions to fully work through your treatment.

Most important take away here is deep treatments can be very beneficial when used properly but they can also cause breakage and they don’t all have the same goal so read your labels. Deep treatments are worth the time and effort and you can’t beat how fabulous your curls feel with the right deep treatment for your texture.

Contributors: Melissa & Allison