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3 Curly Hair Item Tips

3 Curl Savers

Refreshing Mist – The same tool you use to extend your wash is the perfect remedy for curls that have become flat and frizzy with winter’s dry air, hats, and indoor heating. Our fave is Curlfection Next Day Refreshing Mist – use by spritzing the shell of your style and reshaping your cast by scrunching or roping and applying curl clips.

Curl Clips – These tiny clips may seem like those that held your grandmothers velcro curlers but the truth is, they are like little tiny clips of magic.Use them with your refreshing mist to lift the root of your hair where it needs volume, reshape your bangs and fix a stubborn curl’s cast

Curl Friendly Finisher -A travel sized finisher is the final piece in setting your refreshed style. Once your curls have dried, remove the curly clips and lightly spray with a curly friendly finisher. Sprays like Moroccan Oil Luminous Spray and Ouidad Curl Last Flexible Hold provide light hold with the movement and bounce your curls need.

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