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Adding Length to Your Curls

Add length to your curls

Add length to your curls

Seeking length for your lovely locks? Our curl experts have culled the best and simplest steps to encourage length and health to your curls.

Moisturize – deep treatments once a week  hydrate and drop tight, dry, frizzy curls.

Rake – apply your products using only a rake method application. No scrunching! To scrunch, place product in your hands and spread through your curls working roots to ends.

Cream vs Gel – Creams add weight and hence, add length. Another benefit is that creams prevent moisture in the air (i.e. humidity) from expanding the strands of hair. Gels provide more lift and add definition. Get the benefit of both creams and gels by raking through your cream then following with a gel to add a little lift and definition to the outer shell of your curls.
*Curl Stylist Tip for Gel Overlays – make sure cream is totally melted into the hair before applying gel overlay. Use no more than a quarter sized amount of gel to prevent heaviness. Add just a little height by flipping your head forward and scrunching only the front hairline with your gel.

Diffuse – Following your raked application of product, set your style by diffusing. Hold the dryer 4-5 inches away until your curls have set and avoid cupping with the diffuser. Allow the rest of your hair to air dry and once your entire head is dry shake out your curls gently from the root.

*Curl Stylist Tip for Diffusing – high heat low air is the only setting that wont break up your curl pattern when drying.

Curling Iron –  Keep your curls looking polished with a closed curling iron! The goal here is to
give your overall shell a polish and stretch the curl for length. Use this as a once in a while technique so you don’t heat damage curls. Working with dry curls use the lowest setting on a closed curling iron that is approximately the same size of your curl pattern or a little larger. Choose the frizziest curls and wrap them around the iron.