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Detanging Curls – For Parents

There’s only one thing more difficult than detangling your own hair- detangling your kid’s hair! While most parents hate the process of detangling, it’s something they certainly know how to maneuver around without crying and yelling. It’s completely understandable, though- no one enjoys tugging and detangling their hair, especially when it isn’t cooperating. However, with a good use of effective products and knowing your child’s hair, this process can be much more seamless.

If your son or daughter has tighter curls, it’s best to keep in mind that you will have to use a lot of product to detangle it effectively. For those with children whose hair is on the looser side, milkier products can be used in smaller portions. Knowing how your child’s hair works isn’t the only part of detangling, however. Keeping them still and entertained while it’s taking place is just as important. If your kid can’t stay in place while you detangle their hair, it can become a nightmare for them and for you as well. Here are some ways to get rid of your child’s knots without them jetting off before you even finish:

1. Have Something to Entertain Your Kid With While Detangling
Tablets have become the best modern-day toy for kids nowadays and they sure can keep them distracted. You can go about this two ways: have your kid sit with their back facing the sink and detangle their hair while they play on their iPad. Buy a waterproof case for your tablet and detangle your kid’s hair while they’re in the shower. This way, they’ll be entertained even if they experience a little bit of discomfort from time to time.

2. Hold Their Hair Closer to the Root so it Doesn’t Hurt When Detangling
Nothing is more painful than detangling extremely knotted hair without holding it closer to the root. If you try doing so without following this method, your child will suffer until all their hair is detangled. Holding it at the root also prevents less breakage because you are only tugging the exact portion you have in your hands. Use an even amount of conditioner and water simultaneously to loosen up the knots and make detangling easier. Pro Tip get a good supply of alligator clips they don’t slip or pull hair.

3. Protect Their Hair From The Dirt
While most kids spend a lot of time playing around and not worrying about how messy their hair is, it is important to clean and protect their hair often. If they’re going out to the park, or have sports they can wear a cap to prevent dirt from getting into their roots. You can also tie their hair up so it’s not all over the place when they’re playing with their friends as well as protect from lice. The pollution in the air also has a very negative impact on the hair so remember to keep their hair hydrated during all seasons especially spring and summer. Expect at least 20 minutes of detangling if they have tons of dirt and dust in it. If their hair is kept safe from nature’s inconveniences, detangling will be a much easier, quicker, and cleaner process. Pro Tip allow time for detangling. If you dont do a good detangling, the finish will not look great either

4. Add Deep Conditioner to Their Hair Before They go in The Shower
Detangling hair is very difficult and will break if not constantly hydrated. Even if you deep condition your kid’s hair all the time, it’s most important to do so if they come home super tangled from sports or school before you start pulling knots out. This gives slip to thirsty curls and will help in detangling and cleansing. Pro Tip Make it at home: in a spray bottle mix 1/3 water 1/3 olive oil and 1/3 conditioner. Spray all over ends and use fingers to gently work in following with a good rinse and cleansing.

5. Water Washing

Get a sprayer attachment on your sink or tub. Taking sections start rinsing the knots out of your child’s hair starting at the root and allowing the water to run down strands releasing knots before you begin the detangling process. The kids wont even know your doing it and it will make the next step much easier.

Don’t forget a great wash day starts with a great attitude so a weekend morning is perfect for many and allows for dry time. (especially for kiddies that still nap). Depending on your child’s age a treat for a job well done can be the motivation they need to look forward your next wash day.  Get out those gold stars! If in doubt about a product or technique for your kids curls ask a professional.