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Back To School With Curls

As the summer comes to an end and back to school season is in full effect, most naturals wonder what they’re going to do with their hair. Some feel more comfortable wearing their curls in a big fro throughout the summer but like to tone it down for school. Nothing wrong with that, some feel they don’t want to draw too much attention to themselves. Others don’t mind their big hair and want to wear it to class.

However,  being a full-time student can be time-consuming and tiring since you have to balance classes and your appearance. Luckily, there are different hairstyles that can make your life easier in the morning (or the night before) as you prepare for your next day of class.

It’s called a “wash-n-go” because the point is to wash your hair that day and leave your house with it that same day. However, doing a full wash-and-go can be very time-consuming in the morning. You can also wake up earlier to save yourself more time but in reality, why wake up an hour earlier when you can sleep that hour after cramming for that exam last night? If you wash your hair the evening before, it allows for more time to deep condition, drying and styling. We can all agree that second day hair is the best type of hair.



Slick-back puff:
This hairstyle suits those who are on the timid side and prefer not to show all their hair on their first day of seeing new faces. It’s pretty simple to do- all you need is third or fourth-day hair, gel, water and conditioner in a spray bottle, a scrunchie and a good brush. Start by spraying the front of your hair with water and conditioner until it’s damp enough to effectively brush it down. Part your hair to the side you prefer, add gel and brush continuously until your hair is no longer curly. This may take longer for those with tighter curl types but the stronger the hold of the gel, the easier it will be. Once you’re done brushing, tie your hair and don’t be afraid to spray some water and conditioner and scrunch to preserve your curly ponytail.


High pineapple with bangs out:
Since day two hair is ideal for every curly haired girl, wait it out until at least day 3 to do this hairstyle. The drier your hair already is, the better the style will look. Use your fingers or a thin comb to exclude your bangs, and wrap your scrunchie only twice around your hair into a high bun. The more hair you use for your bangs, the fuller the style will look. Stretch the bun/pineapple around so it can fall nicely for a fun look. Ideal for those that get hot easily and don’t want their hair to be 100% out.





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