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Curl Trends from Spring Fashion Week

Spring looks straight from #FASHIONWEEK.

Crop Top curly girls were all over the runway. Natural styling and rounded tops with a tear drop shaped nape area finishes the look.Keep curls feminine by defining out small pieces around the face try Curlfections Polishing Whip or Glimmer Polish .

Slick Soft Waves Apply product wet and gently comb to smooth out curl. Air dry for natural waves. Try Ouidad’s Clear Control Pomade or Wave Create Sea Salt Spray.


Heavy Bangs with bohemian soft waves cascading to the shoulders. Use a cream that will not over define the curl pattern try Deva Curl’s Wave Maker or Super Cream



Center Part with Lots of Definition  Use the end of a tail comb to gently place part. Take a firm holding gel and rake it thoroughly through curls to create more defined texture, allow to air dry behind the shoulders. Try Curlfection’s Firm Hold Cream Gel or Ouidad’s Climate Control Gel


Day Two or DayThree Options… Sleek tops with tousled beach waved bottoms.



Add more interest with a sculpted design. A workable Hairspray is best for this look to polish and hold curls. Try Its a 10 Super hold hairspray Take note all hair art done has been done with bobby pins and small elastics. No hair ties or hair ornaments are visible. Au natural…




And finally the classic spring braid look but kicked up a notch with Four Strand Braids and Rope Braids Get these awesome looks