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Your Just Glowing!

How could you not love looking at the vivid or neon color combinations. Even if your not in the market for a vibrant look its hard to turn away. Our stylist live, sleep and breath these fabulous colors just because they are lively and can be so fun to work with. When a client is ready to be creative and allow  a stylist  to create a custom look you get a result that will be unique and eye catching.With the new addition to the market of florescent black light Top Coat your look can get even more exciting. Fun for the night and simply washes out on your next shampoo.  Want to test out your new look turn your cell phone into a black light.

Need more pop? oVertone came out with Hair Glitter last month that has already sold out in silver. Stays until your next wash you can change colors and tones like a chameleon on a  wash to wash basis.



Stylist tips for keeping vibrant colors longer

-Wash or Wet as little as possible! Make sure you have time each week to dedicate to doing a great style so you can keep it as long as you can.

-Try Conditioner washing your hair. Not using cleansers will dramatically hold on to color longer.

-Expect to visit the salon at least once a month to keep colors vibrant.