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5 Best Practices for Curly Hair in a Work Environment

In an artistic business big hair is more than welcome. But we don’t all work in a creative space.The existing debate whether curly hair is appropriate for a work environment makes it difficult for those who are unapologetic about their natural hair. Some feel curly/natural hair is too “loud” for an office environment, let alone an interview for your dream job. How many people with curly hair can relate? You find yourself slicking your hair back or blow drying it for an interview because you don’t want to potentially be disqualified. Unfortunately, this is still a reality for many people with curly hair but that doesn’t mean the outcome has to be negative.

If you feel you have to alter your hair 100 percent just to be in good standing with your employer, maybe that job might not be the right fit for you. However, you may still feel the need to polish your style while in the office. If this is a concern for you, look no further.

Check out these few hairstyles that still showcase the natural curl:

1. “Slick-back bun while letting your puff free”
This style gives curly haired girls a sleek yet stylish look. The best part is that it doesn’t take long to achieve and it also serves as a good protective style when you want to put half of your fro away. Use an empty spray bottle and fill half of it with warm water and the other half with a conditioner of your choice. Spray it onto the front of your hair (the part you will be slicking back) to allow it to become more flexible when brushing it back. You’ll know you sprayed enough when you brush that part of your hair and the brush doesn’t get stuck while doing it. For those with kinkier hair (3B-4C) types, a styling product with a lot of hold is recommended. Using styling gel isn’t amongst the best products for your hair, but it’ll do the trick for many days ahead. Apply as much gel/styling product as you need to the front of your hair and brush it back accordingly. Once you’ve brushed to the point where the sides of your hair are fully straight, use two non-metal hair bands and tie your hair. You can use a shoelace instead for extra hold. At this point, your curls should be out in the back and you should manipulate them accordingly to ensure their shape at the back of the style. If ends are longer and you want a tighter look tuck them into the bottom of the bun or use hair pins to secure.

2. Fauxhawk
This style maintains the hair out of the face, especially if curls are tighter and shorter. A softer look/shape of this style is more organic and disqualifies the rocker-style mohawk that comes to mind. A spray bottle with water and conditioner is used for this style as well and should be sprayed on the sides. Once sides are wet, start to brush into the direction of your curls and stop there. Use about 6-8 bobby pins on each side and place each pair facing alternately- the direction of the pins will keep the style intact. Spray can be used too for extra hold and shine. As long as your bangs are free of your face, this is definitely a safe style for the workplace.

3. “Side-part fro”
The side-part fro works well with any hair texture as the main goal of the style is to keep the hair away from your face while still being able to show off your curls. A little spritz of water and conditioner to the desired side of your hair you will be doing the side part on is the best way to start. Feel free to spray some throughout all your hair to tame down frizz and flat overnight hair. You have the choice of using two methods when attempting to complete this style- you can either use a holding product to brush the side of your hair back and use two bobby pins to secure it, or you can twist the side of your hair and tuck it in using bobby pins. Whichever option you go with, it’s still a look that allows you to be yourself with a twist- pun intended.

4. “Half-updo”
This style is probably one of the popular natural hair styles for the corporate field. Also known as the “half-up, half-down”, this hairstyle is super easy to achieve and it is not limited to one hair texture or length. Those with kinky hair will experience more volume when doing this hairstyle simply because of the way the texture of the hair sits. For wavier curl types (2A-3A), length is more visible when achieving this hairstyle, but might need a volume booster such as a pick to lift it up (if that’s what you want.) The spray bottle isn’t necessarily needed for the half-updo as some prefer the texture in the front of their hair to still show. If you want a flat top and the rest of your hair curly, then spray a small amount and brush back accordingly.


5. “High bun/puff”
Very similar to the slick back bun, the high bun/puff  ensures that there will be no hair or flyaways in your face. For those with shorter hair, spray or gel will have to be used to keep it intact, preferably for the interview. Some choose to achieve this style without a holding product in order to maintain the natural look overall. However, if you do take the holding route, spritz water and conditioner all over your hair so it can become flexible (remember, the shorter the hair the harder it is to put in a bun) and begin to brush upwards. Once your hair is flat (obviously except the top part where the bun/puff would go), use a scrunchie/shoelace of your choice and tie. If you’re going for the puff, there’s no need to do anything else except just manipulate it with your hands until you get your desired shape. The “crunching” method works best for this as it adds volume to your curls and boosts their elasticity. For the bun lovers, twist your hair and wrap it until you get the bun size you want. Use bobby pins or another tie to keep it in place.