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Different Methods to Encourage Growth

One thing most curly haired curls have in common is shrinkage. Shrinkage happens across all curl types but is most noticeable with tighter textures.Even though curly hair is actually longer than appears, most of us want length at all times. It happens with all curly textures but its most noticeable with those who have 3B through 4C textures, as they are tighter than any other curl types. It can take your hair months, even years for it to reach its desired length if you let it grow naturally without using any methods for hair growth. For those who are more on the impatient side and want their mane to reach below their shoulders already, look no further. Here’s some tips to stimulate hair growth and see results within weeks:



1. Growth Oils and Coffee
Stimulation and blood flow greatly help hair growth. Using hair growth oils are an effective method to encourage hair growth especially if you suffer from a dry scalp. If used consistently, results can be seen as soon as 3-4 weeks. For those who have oily hair, using a hair growth oil everyday might not be the best option. Coffee grounds mixed into your shampoo are proven to stimulate new growth with caffeine and exfoliate dead skin cells and product build up.

Which ever you choose do it consistently once a week. If you choose to use hair growth oil this can be done on two occasions. You can use it as a hot oil treatment and spread it throughout your scalp, cover it with a plastic cap, and go under a hair dryer for about 20-30 minutes. Pouring a small amount on your hands and massaging your scalp with it before styling your hair is also an option. This procedure favors those with oilier hair as using a little bit of it is still effective, but doesn’t alter the texture of a wash-and-go. Many hair brands like Curls have a hair growth oil with hundreds of positive reviews online.

2. Split ends are NOT repairable
Believe it or not, giving your split ends a trim every 8-12 weeks encourages hair growth!! Many people refuse to cut their split ends because they want to maintain length. However, if you have split ends and are allowing your hair to grow without cutting them, you will only have more split ends. So in reality, trimming your ends periodically allows for healthier, fuller hair.  You can smooth split ends with masks and treatments but you cannot “fix” a split. So it ultimately must be cut off to maintain growth.



3. Taking Vitamins and Eating Enough Protein
We are all for taking the natural route and fortifying your diet with nutrient rich veggies and protein. But some times its just not realistic on an every day basis so next best is vitamins. Some brands like Curls have products specifically geared to curl growth  liquid hair growth vitamins.  Vitamin C and Biotin are also widely known for promoting hair growth. Vitamin C produces collagen which is essential for both healthy hair and skin. Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7 is often used as a supplement for hair and nail growth. It can be found in drug stores like CVS ranging from $10- $30 dollars depending on the amount of pills. However, Biotin does not produce the same results for everyone as it can also be responsible for slower release of insulin and skin rashes if used excessively. Protein, on the other hand, is easier to consume and is not generally supplemental. Meats, eggs, and fish are good examples of protein that promote hair growth. Consuming enough protein makes sure the body has the necessary building blocks for healthy hair.

4. Natural Food Masks (Or Protein Masks in General) Method
External hair masks are amongst the most effective ways to make your hair grow at a faster rate. If done at least once a month your hair will experience nourishment, growth, and sheen. Eggs, mayonnaise, milk and yogurt contain protein which are all supplemental for hair growth. Olive oil nourishes the scalp and provides a great source of antioxidants. Massaging it onto your scalp promotes better blood flow throughout your scalp and the protein helps hair follicles strengthen. A protein mask promotes strong and healthy shine but be sure to follow your mask with a hydrating deep treatment to soften curls.

Look through your fridge. Try any of these easy combinations

1. Yogurt and 2-3 Eggs

2. Really Ripe Avocado and Coconut Milk

3. Mayonnaise and Yogurt

For all recipes – Mix them together in a bowl or blender until all lumps are dissolved. Use extra virgin oil or milk to thin thicker mixtures. Apply to your hair by massaging the mixture onto your scalp first. Next, use the raking and crunching methods- similar to how you would apply a styling product onto your hair apply to ends. Leave in for 45 minutes to an hour and rinse with cold water and a sulfate-free shampoo.Follow with a deep treatment like Its a Ten Mask to soften and hydrate curls and frizz for an additional 20 minutes. Follow with your normal styling Repeat once or twice a month to promote hair strength. They don’t call it wash DAY for nothing!