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Winter Curl RX

The dreaded dry out is upon us. Once the heat goes on a north eastern winter brings a whole new set of problems with it. Fly aways, split ends and less than voluminous crowns of curls can be less than flattering. Not to mention having to rip through the tiny fairy knots that lock themselves in. They never seem to be relieved until the scarves come off.

If you have 3 minutes– Get it looking hydrated……….

Polishers can help keep curls tame. Choose the most frizzy curls to polish with product staying around the face and top crown of curls. Try Curlfections Polishing Whip or Glimmer Polish they each help repair split ends with vitamins and botanicals. Warm up a small amount in your fingers and run over select strands staying off the root.

If you have 15 minutes– Custom mix your self a deep treatment………

Dry hair? Heat a spoonful of coconut cream purchased at the grocery store and mixed with your favorite deep treatment. Try Its a Ten Miracle Hair Mask or Curlfection Deep Treatment and leave on for at least 10 minutes. Rinse and style

Flat Roots? Take your normal conditioner or co wash and add a spoonful of ground coffee The coffee will stimulate new hair growth as well as revitalize the scalp and perk up the roots by helping to eliminate buildup. Scrub on damp scalp for several minutes rinse well and style.

Interested in repair with out weight? Bond builders such as Olaplex Step 3. A take home services that takes just 10 minutes to process and help seal the cuticle till your next wash. Perfect for fragile and double processed ends.

If you have 30 minutes to an hour– Treat your curls to “the works” a deep conditioning treatment that you can add an Olaplex bond building treatment to

Or clear or color toning glaze that will seal the cuticle and last about a month and add longer lasting shine…………

Preventative care for curls includes sulfate free shampoos or co washes. Allowing conditioners to stay on ends for at least 5 minutes in the shower EVERY time you wash. Skipping multiple washes and cutting back to 1x or 2x a week at most. Take advantage of dry weather with a dry shampoo to help cleanse and keep volume in curls.  Use a fine tooth comb in the nape area to prevent fairyknots and don’t skip the cut no more than 12 weeks between. This gives curls a chance to grow but keeps split ends at bay. Stay warm!


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