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Ruth- Curl Goals

image1-42Curl Goals!  Ruth had her eye on a new deeper tone and shorter length for fall but she didn’t know if the new look would work well with her texture.

Ruth’s curl stylist kept cut her base line heavy  so she would have a more weighted style on the bottom and eliminated layers. Her color was then enhanced with a richer chocolate base  and a glaze to deepen the tone and add shine.Ruth’s natural spiral curls were softened with a smoothing treatment so she could keep some curl but eliminate frizz and volume to achieve her desired look.She was styled with Deva Super Cream.

Ready for a texture change? Get the results you want. Show your stylist photos of how you would like your finished style to look. Maintenance shampoo is essential to keeping your treatment fresh.

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Did you know you can change the look of your curl pattern?  If your looking for a texture change but your not ready for the commitment of a smoothing treatment or you want more volume…. Change your product!

Desire smooth wavy curls? Use creams! They weigh curls down and stretch them out. Use only with the rake method for the most smooth results examples Deva Super Cream, Moroccan Oil Curl Cream

Desire smaller spiral curls then use thin gels. Scrunch scrunch scrunch upside down with a thin gel such as Ouidad’s Humidity Control or Abba’s Volumizing gel then follow with a cup diffuser to style preferably drying most of the time upside down.