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Different Ways to Effectively Apply Product To Curls

All product-applying methods are not created equal. One question those with curly hair usually ask is, “How can I get my curls to be more defined?” This is a popular question because most people aren’t effectively applying product onto their hair, causing frizz and little to no definition. However, if frizzy and undefined hair is your style, go for it!


Some aren’t even aware of the full potential of their curls because they aren’t sure on how to properly apply product. It actually isn’t as simple as applying product to your hand and just placing it on your hair. If you want full coverage and definition, prepare to restock on another bottle of your styling product soon. It takes a lot of product and a few minutes to make this happen effectively.

When drying your hair always use a microfiber towel or T-shirt. If you want more volume for your curls pre blot with a micro fiber towel right after you cleanse and condition then apply product. If you want more hydrated curls blot post product application and keep your curls extremely damp with a spray bottle of water. After all, the end goal of a wash and go is gorgeous hair! Here’s a few ways to effectively apply product to your hair post-wash: To encourage the hydrated looking curls.

Raking Method
The raking method is exactly what it sounds like. This method for adding product is super effective as it allows for definition for each strand. While soaking wet, flip it forward. Apply the product onto your hands and rub them together. Ensure that there is enough product on each finger for full coverage. Run your fingers through your hair as if you were detangling it and repeat until there is no more product left on your fingers. Apply product onto your hands 2-3 more times and continue to rake. Once you are done, flip your hair back and whip it from side to side to get it back to its regular state. You then can partially dry your hair with a T-shirt or microfiber towel. An additional sealing product like a gel can be used for your ends to lock in the product. A brush such as a Denman 9 row brush is a curly girl favorite in that it can further define much more so than your fingers to bring our smaller defined curls.

Scrunching Method
Scrunching is usually done after raking, however you can choose to just scrunch. Lightly squeeze excess water out of curls with hands.To start off, flip your hair to the front and apply product to hands and rub. Clench your fingers onto the ends of your hair and scrunch up and hold for five seconds. When choosing strands to scrunch, make sure they are all about the same size. Repeat until you have scrunched every part of your hair and flip your hair back and whip from side to side. Then blot with a micro fiber towel. If you would like more volume for your final style, use a diffuser. Put the diffuser on the hot setting with low air blowing and flip your hair to the front. Do not start touching curls until they are about 75% dry. There is no need to move the dryer around much as it will encourage frizz. After 10-15 minutes, you can switch the setting to cool and only use it on your ends in order to seal the product and style. If you only have time for a few minutes of diffusing no problem just don’t touch until you hair is 75% air dried.

Praying Method
You heard that right. The praying method is just what it sounds like. Once you’re done with the basic steps mentioned in the first two methods, apply product to hands and rub together. Split your hair horizontally into four pieces, starting with the bottom quarter. Using your two hands, place your hair in between them and do the praying motion starting from the root. It is very important the root is covered in product so pay close attention and make sure you apply more product. Slowly go down and make sure your hands have full hold of the hair. Repeat 2-3 times on each part of your hair and don’t be afraid to apply more product if you feel there’s not enough coverage. Repeat up until you get to every piece of your hair. The point of this method is to stretch your hair in order to make it appear longer and it gives it more flexibility. it is also a great technique if you naturally get a lot of tangles and need to make sure the product is through.

Using one of the techniques is just one of the factors that affect definition and application choices. Other things to consider are weather and your own curl texture. Keep reading about different textures.  


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