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Color Options For Your Curls


Okay, so you’ve made it through the transitionary period of your curls and now you’re ready for some color. This time around, it won’t be done by using a box dye at home. The temptation is real, especially after browsing through dozens of pages featuring a rainbow of curly haired girls. We’ve all been there!

Nevertheless, make sure to do your research and find a salon that specializes in coloring curly hair or else you’ll find yourself back at square one again. These salons should be able to provide Olaplex Bond Multiplier No. 1 (or a similar product) in order to preserve your curl pattern when chemically processing your hair with lightener. The last thing you want is split ends and twig-like curls after months of dreaming of what you want your hair to look like. Don’t get us wrong, you can achieve any look you want at home, just make sure to do your research on salons, get a consultation, and invest in the right products!

Take a peek at these color ideas for those who want to play with their hair, but just don’t know what color or highlights they might want:


1. The Painted Blonde Highlights
This look is very popular amongst curly haired girls. It brings out your curl pattern while giving it a contrast. It looks like an ombre when it begins to grow out, but it’s actually more fun than an ombre! You have the perk of being a half-blonde but still be able to show the color of your roots. When tied up into a bun, the front of your hair appears like its natural color while the bun is blonde. These highlights also bring out dark makeup such as burgundy lipstick. Think about it like this- doesn’t leopard print go well with a dark red lipstick?

2. Ombre/Balayage
As most of you may know, an ombre occurs when the top of your hair remains its natural color, and as you go down it begins to lighten gradually. This suits those with longer curls so you can see the gradient. The balayage is more likely to stand out for those who wear their curls to the side, as they appear longer that way. One of the benefits of this look is that if you ever get tired of the color, you can cut your ends or do a big chop and the color will be gone. This will avoid recoloring your hair or waiting until more of it grows so you can cut it. This look can make ends fragile so weekly deep treatments are imperative for healthy elasticity.

S Curl Hair Style

3. Red/Burgundy
This color suits those of all skin colors. The lighter you are, the more an intense red will suit your locks. For those with a darker complexion, opt for a plum or burgundy color. An intense red suits those with looser and longer curls as you can see the different hues as the hair falls down. A burgundy-like color works better for those with 3C through 4C types because it allows the hair to look healthier altogether. Red tones are always in, but remember they require a lot of maintenance. Stay away from sulfate shampoos and conditioners, unless you want your hair to turn orange and brassy.

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4. Platinum
While a lot of us curly haired girls dream of achieving this epic color, it takes time and lots of care. First, you must go blonde and visit your salon multiple times to complete sessions. Then, you have to keep toning your hair with purple shampoo and/or conditioner to keep the color in. Oh, and don’t forget- sulfate free products! (unless you’re okay with reverting to a yellow-ish blonde.) However, it is not impossible to achieve this color and if you are very careful with it, it can be a success. Continue to deep condition once or twice a week just to maintain the hydration in your hair. After all, it is a beautiful color so shout out to those who can achieve it and maintain it!

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5. Back to Black
A lot of us already have this color by default, but there’s nothing like going jet black and looking fierce. This color allows your curls to look as healthy as ever and it gives you an edgy look with the right makeup and outfit. Black hair looks great on a lot of people, especially those with long, loose-to-medium curls. Flip it to the side and it’s like you look like an exotic lion (if that makes sense.) You also don’t have to worry about a variety of different colors in your hair when it’s all-black. Definitely a color for the organized!

6. Get Creative

When done properly you can be any color you want with direct dye but you have to invest the time and money. Fashion colors are lots of fun as long as you’re ok with the stages colors go through before they wash away. Crisom red will fade to pink. Dark green will fade to light green and every color in between. Expect a 4-week maintenance schedule to maintain the color you desire. This is the highest level of maintenance so make sure you’re prepared for the challenge.


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