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Preventing Frizz

Preventing frizz can be one of the hardest tasks for those with curly hair. With the summer right around the corner, it’s time to start bracing yourself on how you can protect your mane from the beaming sun. One of the biggest challenges concerning curly hair and frizz in the summer is that you might want to let your hair out, but then begin to sweat due to the heat. Some alternatives to this are styling your curls in an updo, or slicking your hair back in the front and allowing your curls to flourish in the back.

If you still aren’t convinced you want to style your fro differently and just want to let it breathe, take these tips into consideration as they’ll help you prepare for the heat ahead of time:

1. Don’t Dry Your Hair With a Towel (Or T-Shirt) After a Wash
While drying your hair after a wash-and-go is routine, sometimes drying it too much will allow it to frizz up faster. Instead, just squeeze out the excess water with your hands and allow your hair to dry on its own. Carry a pick with you so when it dries, you can style it. Air drying is the most effective method that produces defined and hydrated curls.

Curlfection smoothing cream gel

2. Apply a Sealing Product After Styling Cream
After you apply your general styling product (creams, custards, puddings, etc.) use a sealing product like Ouidad’s Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel with a focus on your roots and ends to lock in the wash-and-go. You’d be surprised with how far sealing products can go- they will give you a more finished and shiny look to your curls. If you want to simplify your routine some sealing products can also already be in your styling product. Try Curlfections Firm Hold Cream Gel which has a sealing gel as well as a cream to keep curls soft and UV SPF for protection from the summer sun.

3. Refresh and Coil
This method applies more to those who sport second-day hair. While most of us like how second day hair looks versus first day hair, some parts of it are still frizzy. Use a spray bottle and add water, conditioner, and your styling product and spritz it on your hair. Next, use your index finger to coil the parts where you noticed you had frizz. You don’t have to do this all over your hair since it defeats the purpose of refreshing it. Instead, just pay a close eye to the strands with the most frizz and focus on coiling those. Don’t coil too tight, though, as you will be able to see the difference between your natural curl pattern and the manipulated parts (the coils.)

Best Curly Hair Products4. Avoid Constantly Petting Your Hair Throughout The Day
It can be tempting to play with your hair as you wait for it to dry, but it can also be detrimental to your wash-and-go. Touching it too much especially in warm weather will cause it to frizz up faster. Instead, wait until it dries up more. Everyone’s hair is different, so it might take 30 minutes for someone while it might take five hours for someone else. Regardless, you’ll know when your hair is drying- your roots won’t be as wet.

5. Do Not Diffuse, Allow the Air to do Its Job!
Diffusing speeds up the process of drying your hair but it also causes frizz. Manipulating your hair with drying methods puts too much pressure on it which is why some curls will come out undefined. Diffusing your hair also takes a long time (about 25 minutes) The biggest mistake those who diffuse make is using only the high heat high air function which promotes more frizz. If you can’t resist the diffuser, use it on the high heat low air function for the first five minutes and then continue with the cold function. You will be able to tell the difference.



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