Curly Care Tips

Caring for your curls


Your Best Holiday Hair

Looking for a simple end of the day curl refresh just like our cover model. Curl wrapping will take your day time look long into the evening and even into the next day. Choose the texture your looking for based on the curling irons size below. Stylist tip: if you choose the curling iron or curling wand closest to your curl pattern It will be the simplest and most easy to style and mimic. The larger or smaller the iron is in comparison to your natural curl pattern, the more work will be involved...
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Blow Dry with out Damaging Curls

This is a tutorial best for waves and s curl pattern curly girls Integrity is key when blow drying curls. You want a style change NOT a permanent look from heat damage, which can easily happen to curls if done improperly. We encourage you to think about protecting curls from beginning to end.This is a great night time style to do before you go to bed. You will be ready to go in the morning. A good blow style can last a full week. Take your time its worth it!...
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Trending Curly Cuts Winter

  Ready for style inspiration for your curls this winter? Look no further these hot styles keep curls fresh and bouncy all winter long. If your getting bored with your hairstyle or just need to refresh your curls. Long short and every thing in between we have a new look to keep you in style.         Crop Top Pixie fun, easy to style this look is super stylish with out really having to try. Tight sides and back eliminate much of the styling. Have fun with the...
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A Class all about Curls

  We love education and what better way to immerse our clientele than a hands on class all about curls. If you ever feel lost when it comes to product knowledge and choosing what’s right for you. Your not alone with so many choices out there it hard not to be confused. If you have these common curl issues of flat roots, frizz, moisture loss, or expansion this is the class for you. The team at Curl Evolution partnered with Deva Curl this past Wednesday evening to bring our guests Curls Night Out. Similar to our quarterly Curl...
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Ruth- Curl Goals

Curl Goals!  Ruth had her eye on a new deeper tone and shorter length for fall but she didn’t know if the new look would work well with her texture. Ruth’s curl stylist kept cut her base line heavy  so she would have a more weighted style on the bottom and eliminated layers. Her color was then enhanced with a richer chocolate base  and a glaze to deepen the tone and add shine.Ruth’s natural spiral curls were softened with a smoothing treatment so she could keep some curl but eliminate frizz and...
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Adding Length to Your Curls

Seeking length for your lovely locks? Our curl experts have culled the best and simplest steps to encourage length and health to your curls. Moisturize – deep treatments once a week  hydrate and drop tight, dry, frizzy curls. Rake – apply your products using only a rake method application. No scrunching! To scrunch, place product in your hands and spread through your curls working roots to ends. Cream vs Gel – Creams add weight and hence, add length. Another benefit is that creams prevent moisture in the air (i.e. humidity) from expanding the strands of hair. Gels...
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Deep Treatments Myth: More is better… NO More Means Breakage!

All Deep Treatments are suppose to help moisturize and hydrate curls right? Not always.. here’s our take on top contenders in the deep treatment category for curls. Stylist Top Picks: Ouidad Melt Down Extreme Repair Mask $32.95 – This product smells great and goes on nice and smooth we didn’t notice the warming sensation that it claims to create which isn’t a major selling point for us any way. You do notice hair feels softer after using. Its best used on fine and medium textured curly girls. Curly girls with...
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