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Your Best Holiday Hair


Looking for a simple end of the day curl refresh just like our cover model. Curl wrapping will take your day time look long into the evening and even into the next day.

Choose the texture your looking for based on the curling irons size below.

Stylist tip: if you choose the curling iron or curling wand closest to your curl pattern It will be the simplest and most easy to style and mimic. The larger or smaller the iron is in comparison to your natural curl pattern, the more work will be involved in styling.

 Start with your individual curls from the outer section of you head and individually wrap them around a hot iron. You can keep the iron open or closed and wrap hair over it.  Pick up the pieces that look the most frizzy to polish up. Hair spray lightly to hold. Most of the time this techniques takes about 10 minutes and can make a huge difference. Remember to treat your curls to a deep treatment next time you wash to prevent damage.


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Looking for a swept up look? Try these step by step styles. All it takes is a little a few hair ties and bobby pins. Follow up each style with hair spray to hold.

The first look shown can be done your first night out and the following looks can be done for the following days after to minimize washing curls.