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How to Care for Your Curls in the Fall



As the summer comes tBest Curly Hair Productso its end, changing our wardrobe isn’t the only thing we should be worried about. The summer is already a difficult season to maintain your curls because of the heat, humidity and chlorine from swimming pools (if you like to take a dip every now and then). Deep conditioning is crucial during this time of the year and it doesn’t change when the fall arrives. For those with curly hair, maybe you’ve already started thinking about how you’re going to maintain your hair in the fall. For those who have started to panic because it’s your first autumn after transitioning from damaged hair to healthy curls, look no further- these tips will most certainly put you and your hair in the right direction for the upcoming temperature change.



Deep Condition

Deep conditioning is the golden routine in maintaining curly hair. When your hair is begging for moisture, deep conditioning at least once a week will surely quench that thirst. For the fall, however, deep conditioning might have to take place more frequently as most hair types are prone to dryness. This procedure will add nutrients to your hair and help prevent breakage. A simple deep conditioning session looks like this: wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner or a cowash apply a hair mask of your choice (DevaCurl’s Melt Into Moisture Mask is a good one), put your hair inside a plastic cap, go under the hair dryer for 15-20 minutes, rinse, and go!

Apply Product While Your Hair is Still Wet

A good way to ensure moisture is locked in your hair is to apply styling products while your hair is still wet. You can dry it a little (to make sure it’s not dripping) using a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt. Never forget to apply product evenly, even when you’re in a rush. A quick and effective method for this is to section your hair into four parts and apply product while running your fingers through your hair and crunching it with your fists as you go. Air drying is the best method for defined curls- so let the fall wind take the wheel while your hair is highly protected from dryness!

Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Single Day

While keeping your hair hydrated and moisturized is key, washing your hair every day removes natural oils and causes your hair to dry out fast. It also takes a lot of time to do a wash-and-go everyday (or morning), especially if you’re in the workforce. “Fashionably late” should not be your actual excuse for arriving late to work because you didn’t want to wake up early enough to wash your hair. Instead, invest in a hair refreshing product like Ouidad’s Botanical Boost Curl Energizing & Refreshing Spray for second day curls, or make your own by mixing a conditioner (can be a leave-in too) with water inside a spray bottle. Trust and believe it works!

Use a Protective Method Overnight

Overnight hairstyles save you so much time in the morning. If you wrap your hair overnight, all you’ll have to do is refresh it in the morning, pick it out a little, and go. A popular overnight method is the pineapple. Pineappling consists of using a hair wrap, (preferably silk, as it makes your hair smoother) folding it diagonally, putting your head down, and wrapping your hair accordingly, allowing the front of it to peek out. If pineapples (or any types of apples) aren’t your thing, investing in a satin pillowcase will have the same effects, although it’ll require a bit more refreshing the next day. Another popular and simple method is using a satin bonnet and simply putting your hair in it overnight. This method is pretty convenient and doesn’t require a few tries to perfect it. For those with thicker, kinkier hair, splitting your hair into four and tying each section with a spiral hair tie is also a great method for preserving your curls as you sleep.

Add Oil to Your Ends

Our ends are what make or break our hair, literally. Sealing your ends with oils like coconut, macadamia, or argan oil help prevent frizz, but most importantly keeps them intact and prevents them from breakage. Use the crunching method when adding oil to ensure it’s locked in. Protecting your ends with oil goes a long way especially in the cold.

Steam, Steam, Steam!

You read that right. Steam is a great add-on to any curly hair routine. It’s super effective as it adds moisture, increases hair shine, softens hair, and reduces breakage. The best part is you don’t have to use an actual hair steamer for this- you can turn on the hot water in the shower and stand away from it but still close enough so the steam can penetrate your hair. You can also use a steamer for clothes and wave it around your hair. Simply putting your hair into a plastic cap for a few hours can give you the same effects as well. The fall is the best time to do this as your hair needs as much hydration and shine it when the cold weather approaches.

Invest in Volume-Friendly Hats

One thing most curly girls can agree on is that they love volume. Even if it’s fifth-day hair volume, it’s just something we can’t go without. As the cold weather and the wind can sometimes be inconvenient for curly hair, why not fight the weather with style? Invest in stylish hats that don’t press your hair down too much so you can be both fashionable and voluminous. Although our hair is precious, sometimes we just want a polished product without having to put in all the work!