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Our Curl Stylist Favorites for 2016

So many choices… so many combinations… our stylist eliminate the guess work for you with their top picks for 2016.

You may not have heard of priming your curls before but its very big here at Curl Evolution. Think of priming a wall with paint in your home, the next application of paint goes on so much smoother and has less flaws. Treat your curls and your products the same way. The first step is your smoother and defrizzer the next product is your control & shine or your volume.

Our stylist recommend doing a rake method with your first product and scrunching in your second product. All combination recommendations on Sale in our online store 20% off.

firm and iso combo

Expansion Control– Iso Tamer Foam to prime followed by Curlfections Firm
hold cream gel gives UV protection and Expansion control perfect for the
summer. – Curl Stylist Lisa-



soft combo




Soft Curls with Hold prime with Iso Tamer Foam or Deva’s B’Leave-in and scrunch a small amount of Ultra Defining Gel by Deva on ends -Sharon-





beach wave combo keep



Controlled Beach Waves–  prime with Deva’s Conditioner One followed by Enjoys Texture Cream and if more definition is desired spray Ouidads sea salt spray to create really beachy style waves. Alternatively try Devas Wave Maker over your Conditioner One another great combination(On Sale Now) -Angela-




light weight combo



Light Weight With Hold is Devas Volumizing foam to prime follow with a scrunch of your favorite Deva gel -Gracia-






Scurl creamalon Favorite – Soft Touchable Curls with Hold.
Iso Tamer Foam with Moroccan Oil Curl Cream and finish with Moroccan oil
Hair spray. ( Sorry Moroccan Oil does not allow online sales. In store only)

 All combination recommendations on Sale in our online store 20% off.


 Want a more custom product recommendation? Visit the salon for a First Visit Curly Cut or a First Visit Curly Set for custom recommendation from our Curl Stylist.


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