Light Weight Curls with Hold Combo

Light Weight Curls with Hold Combo


Light Defining Gel Deva-This light-hold, moisturizing gel molds to the hair creating a moisture-protective barrier (we call that the Curl Cast) that sets curls while preventing frizz. With your unique curl shape intact, you’re sure to make ‘em Gel-ous.

Volumizing Foam Deva-An alcohol-free, lightweight foam that delivers weightless volume from the roots to the ends. The result is soft, touchable curls with fullness, definition and shine.
How to use it: Apply gel between palms and glide evenly over hair, tilting head forward and scrunching upward to define curls. Once applied and scrunched, it’s better not to touch or play with your hair to allow the Curl Cast to form while drying. For added volume, dry with the DevaFuser. Once dry, shake at the root and gently scrunch upward to soften the firm cast to reveal bouncy, soft, crunch-free curls



light weight combo

Light Weight With Hold is Devas Volumizing foam to prime follow with a scrunch of your favorite Deva gel -Gracia-

Our Curl Stylist Favorites for 2016

So many choices… so many combinations… our stylist eliminate the guess work for you with their top picks for 2016.

You may not have heard of priming your curls before but its very big here at Curl Evolution. Think of priming a wall with paint in your home, the next application of paint goes on so much smoother and has less flaws. Treat your curls and your products the same way. The first step is your smoother and defrizzer the next product is your control & shine or your volume.

Our stylist recommend doing a rake method with your first product and scrunching in your second product.