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Colors For Summer

One of the most anticipated seasons of the year is finally underway- summer! As the warm weather gets closer and new styles start to make their debut, new colors slowly start making their way in. Sure, nothing beats a long, curly mane of black hair but why not add some color to make your ringlets pop?!

Most fear adding color to their hair because they are afraid of damaging their curl pattern. If you plan to go blonde, a smart idea would be to start off slow and eventually obtain the color you want through multiple sessions. Those that want to go dark have more of an advantage because the hair color does not need to be lifted as much. This can also take up to multiple sessions to achieve the exact color you want, however.

Thanks to demi-permanent and semi-permanent dyes, you can enjoy fun colors for up to 24 washes and be at ease with your hair’s condition. A new fad has also touched down in the coloring department- hair paint wax. This new method to add color to your hair is extremely temporary and can be rinsed off in just one wash. You apply it the same way you would a styling product- section your hair, rake and scrunch. It isn’t as messy as color sprays and offers a more natural look.

Take a look at some of the colors in for this summer which you can achieve by using any of the mentioned methods:

Golden blonde
While ash blonde has become more popular in the light hair arena due to its neutralized tones, golden blonde and the summer go hand in hand. This fun and vibrant hue of blonde brightens your appearance and makes almost any outfit pop. The sun will also play a large role in brightening this color- just make sure to deep condition 1-2 times per week so the sun doesn’t negatively penetrate the hair follicles causing dryness and brittleness.




Purple tones
These tones work well on those who already have dark hair since it provides a fitting contrast between the black and the purple. Most people with dark hair have dark blue tones in their hair but other seasons and the lack of lasting sunlight do not allow these colors to pop. The summer is the perfect time to add these fun yet subtle colors so the contrast can be visible. It is easy to obtain purple highlights or purple hair throughout by using the semi and demi-permanent methods. The hair paint wax also comes in purple if you’re looking for a temporary yet extreme pop of color.

By this time, most blondes who are aiming to transition into the grey or silver state have already gone far enough in their process to do so. If you have already started, set your appointment with your stylist before the summer so you can reach your goal. Since these tones require a lot of maintenance, it is important your hair is well-nourished. Once you’ve mastered that, it’s safe to say you’ll be getting a lot of compliments on your edgy, unique color.



Honey Brown
Want to go lighter but not as far as blonde? Most people who can relate to this often opt for a honey brown color. It’s light enough to resemble some hues of dark blonde but still dark enough to be considered a brunette. This warm color is in for the summer and is easy to keep up with. If you want to take a further step, feel free to add minor blonde highlights using the painting method to provide a fun, yet natural contrast.


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