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7 Reasons Why You Shouldnt Wash Your Hair Everyday

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wash Your Hair Every day

When it comes to hair care, everyone has a different style, and for some of us, that means we wash our hair every day without knowing the true harm that we could be doing to our curly lock

Washing your hair every day can cause some serious hair damage! Read below to find out why you may want a day or two between washes…

1. It’s Time Consuming
Shampooing your hair takes a few minutes every time you do it. If your washing every single day, multiply 5 minutes by 365 days! That’s a lot of time every year… If you only washed 2 times per week instead of every day, you would save about 1300 minutes! What could you do with all that time?

2. It Fades Color Faster
You lose a small amount of color from each shampooing. So basically, the more you wash your hair, the more color will come out, and your hair will start to fade.

To make sure your color lasts longer, shampoo only 2 times each week!

Picking your favorite wash days can help you stay on track. Many of our curly clients prefer to wash on Sundays to prepare for the upcoming week and then again on Thursday to freshen up for weekend fun!

3. It Strips Your Hair Of Its Natural Oils

There’s a certain amount of natural oil your hair needs to be happy and healthy.

Washing your hair every day can strip away more oil than it should from your hair, which leaves your hair drier and more likely to break.

4. It Can Cause Split Ends
Washing your hair every day can cause dryness, and that makes your hair much more prone to split ends.

Split ends are the enemy of happy and healthy curls! If you’re battling with split ends or drying hair, click here for some tips & tricks, or fight your split ends with The Curlfection Polishing Whip!

5. You could be causing hair thinning
If your shampoo contains sulfate, you could be contributing to hair thinning. The sulfate strips away the oils in your hair, which are like the basic nutrients for healthy growing hair. We recommend using a sulfate-free shampoo like The Curlfection One Step Cream Cleanser, especially if you’re washing daily!

6. It’s Expensive
It makes sense that washing your hair everyday uses more shampoo than washing a few times a week, but have you thought about the product you use as well? All that shampoo and product can really take a toll on your wallet over time!

7. You’re Probably Using More Heat Because of It
We recommend avoiding heat as much as possible, but you may still be using a blow dryer after every wash. If you’re washing every day, then that’s a lot of heat to expose your hair to! Try using a cool setting instead, or better yet, don’t wash your hair every day!

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