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3 Ways To Handle Your Fragile Wet Hair

3 Ways to Handle Your Fragile Wet Hair

Your curls are at their most fragile state when they are wet, which is why it is so important to treat wet hair with care. If you overwork your curls while they are wet, there is a bigger chance of damaging and breaking your hair!

This means more time spent repairing and that’s no fun! Here are a few tips to keep wet hair damage to a minimum and help frizz control.

Combing Wet Curls:

It may seem like a harmless detangling, but combing your curls after the shower while they are wet is NOT optimal. Your curls are fragile when wet and this causes damage and breakage!

Solution: Comb in the shower with product (like a conditioner) still in your hair! You’re ensuring the product is evenly distributed for smoother hair AND you’re detangling with a lesser chance of breakage! A win-win!

Sleeping on Wet Curls:

We’ve all had long days where we come home, take a shower, and crawl right into bed for sleep. What if I told you sleeping on your wet hair is creating more damage than you’d think? Normal pillow cases pull on your fragile hair. This unwanted friction from your pillowcase is causing strands to break while you’re sleeping!

Solution: If you shower often at night and opt for air drying your hair, think about using a satin pillowcase! Your hair strands can glide on the satin a little bit easier than other fabrics, so it makes for a much more smooth and comfortable night for your hair.

Drying Wet Curls

Using a regular shower towel is the worst thing to do for your wet curls! The roughness of the towel causes your hair to dry out and frizz before you have a chance to help it. Continuously using a regular shower towel for your hair can lead to frizzy and weak hair…. NOT GOOD!

Solution: Microfiber towels! The soft material helps prevent breakage and frizz. Using a microfiber towel after applying product will also help soak the product into your hair!

Pro Tip: Flip your hair over and scrunch using the towel to help get the water out but keep the product in!

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