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Shapes For Spring

Spring is finally here!  April showers, May flowers and most importantly, great hair days. Now that the dried out winter hair is finally over, we can actually get into hair shapes that won’t go flat or dry due to the winter cold. Think of your curls like a flower during the spring season- they are going to bloom after facing treacherous circumstances. Now is the time to finally go for the fringe n’ fro look you’ve been yearning for or the waterfall cut if you want your curls to blend in more. No matter what your preference is, we’ve offered a few styles for spring that can make your selection easier. Take a look:

Lion Shape (Also known as the fringe n’ fro)
This shape is amongst the most popular with curly girls. It’s a loud, fun and exotic look. It usually sits well when the curl pattern is of a tighter texture since the layers tend to sit on top of each other. With the lion shape, you’ll be able to also style it to the side while maintaining a lot of volume. The bangs are probably the funnest part of this look as they complete the round shape. Crazy about volume? This look is for you!







Fringe Bangs
Want to keep your length but still want some fun bangs? Time to opt for a free bang cut at Curl Evolution. The good thing about bangs is they don’t take up much of your hair but give you a completely different look when cut. This is definitely a fun spring look as you’ll be able to pair your new bangs with colorful fringe earrings and just shut down the whole show. Since winter left us for good, you won’t have to worry about pushing them back to complete your protective style- sport them everyday!




Waterfall Cut- back to basics
Waterfall cuts are one of the most comfortable curly shapes to have because you can do a lot with them. By using your diffuser or pick, you can add a lot of volume to your curls but can still tone them down by refusing to use any of the above. Being that this shape is so dynamic, you can sport a high curly bun one day and a dramatic look the next day- depending on which side you style it on. Ideal for those with medium-lengthed hair.








Curly Bob
For those who plan to begin their transition process this spring, you will most likely end up with a curly bob. While most transitioners dread the short hair stage of transitioning, it is extremely necessary to let go. Your hair won’t grow effectively if you refuse to let go of damaged ends. Make an appointment for a curly cut soon so you can begin your healthy hair journey and at least have a short bob of hydrated and defined curls. By drinking a lot of water, deep conditioning and not pulling your hair back often, it’ll grow in no time!