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Trending Fall Hair Colors 2016

This upcoming seasons trending hair colors will keep you on your toes. These gorgeous hues have tons of personality while remaining soft and pretty. Some of these colors have a life span of just a few weeks, so it’s not for the low maintenance girl.

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Smokey Grey & Silver Grey- Cool and modern a definite WOW factor here. If your rocking grey your setting a trend that will carry you through winter.


Rose Gold & Strawberry Gold- Warm soft beautiful colors. Look great on fairer skin. They will wash out into a gorgeous golden blonde tone. A definite favorite among stylist.

Lavender & Lilac- You will definitely stand out in these hues. Very vibrant and charming Lavender and Lilac can be paired nicely with a more natural root base touchup to tone down the volume.

Rich Mahogany – If this doesn’t get you in the mood for fall I don’t know what will. A classic warm red that can easily be made darker or lighter when your ready to change.Beautifully compliments most skin tones.

Cool Brown- Alone or with highlights. Cool brown tones look great with a minimalist approach on make up. Soft on the skin this hair color flatters just about every one.

Espresso- A super dark and rich brown barley hinges on black. An ultra shiny look for your locks as light reflects most off of this tone. Just know you will want to stick with this a while, as it can be hard to lighten once you deepen your hair this dark.

While our curl stylist love playing with these colors and they have lots of experience using them on clients and in their own hair. They want to remind you it is imperative to treat curls with more care. You need to maintain your curls elasticity to keep curls looking bouncy and healthy, some of these colors need a pre lightning which can be done safely but might need more than one visit to lighten to the desired color. Bond builders such as Olaplex can be so helpful in keeping the integrity. As well as weekly deep treatments and not washing the hair often. No more than 2x a week and when you do cleanse use just conditioner to wash with or use sulfate free shampoo paired with condition.

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