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Tips your curl stylist wishes you would follow

Here are some things your stylist hope you take away from the experience:


1. At Home Maintenance is Just as Important as Regular Salon Visits
Just because your first time experience at a salon was spectacular does not mean you should allow it to stay at just that. Don’t be afraid to ask your stylist questions throughout the process- it’ll benefit you in the long run!  If you really liked how your hair turned out during your first visit, take notes of the procedure and the products used so you can try at home. Healthy hair goes a long way if care is practiced consistently. Maintaining on a regular basis is the only way to keep your shape and hair health.





2. Book Your Appointments Ahead Of Time
Even if you’re best friends with your stylist you should always have respect for their time. They might have other things on their plate (like clients) which you might not know about. If you’re coming in for a coloring service, take into account that the process can take up to three hours, so try to book or find availability earlier in the day. That way your stylist will be mentally prepared. Don’t hesitate to send your stylist’s pictures of your desired look ahead of time.

3. Always Come in With Dry Curls (Also Known as Second-Day Hair)
Don’t come in with wet or pulled back hair as it defeats the purpose (and wastes time) of the service you want to get done. Curly cuts are called ‘dry curly cuts’ because they’re done when the curls are in full effect so your stylist can see where they will fall when cut. Pulling your hair back before your appointment also alters its shape so you will have to wash it again at the salon and wait however long it takes to dry. Tragic.



4. Using The Wrong Product Brings the Hair Down (Literally and Figuratively)
Using too much leave-in and multiple styling products that are wrong for your texture weigh your hair down and cause a lot of build up. Just because it was good for your friend Sarah or a youtube personality doesn’t mean its good for you! Your curl stylist has a lot of experience with products. Knowledge of what will happen long term of how curls react is absolutely considered. If a curl stylist recommended a routine to you owe it to yourself to try for at least 2 weeks to see how your curls react before you decide.




5. Use Pictures to Show Your Stylist an Example of Your Desired Look and Be Ready to Get Turned Down
As mentioned before, pictures are very helpful for your stylist when it comes to the look you want. Sure, we can describe it to them but the visuals give both parties an equal understanding of the final result. Now you’re probably wondering, “Why should I be ready to get turned down if I show my stylist the look I want?” The answer is because your hair might not be in the right state to make such a change. For instance, if your hair is jet black and you show your stylist a picture of someone with beach blonde hair, you are most certainly not going to obtain that look in one session unless you want to fry your hair. If you want a “lioness” round cut but you have a very loose curl pattern, you might struggle with obtaining that look. However, you should always trust the process and weigh the pros and cons of each service you want. Communication is key!