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Prepping Curls For Summer

The season we’ve all been waiting for is only a few months away. Just a few more weeks of the cold and we’re set to go for the warm weather. It’s no secret the winter is probably the worst time to flaunt your curls. The cold weather makes them dry and brittle resulting in more frequent deep conditioning sessions. For those that live busy lives, managing your curls is an added job.

Protective styles are a great alternative and if you have long hair, you have an advantage because you can frequently tie your hair in a bun or ponytail. Those with short hair usually have to choose between having their hair out or putting it in a bun, which requires a lot of brushing- not ideal for curly hair. On a positive note, the summer is only getting closer and you can start preparing your hair for it starting now. Take a look at some ways to gear up for beach weather:

Deep condition twice a week
Choose two preferred wash days in the week so you can deep condition accordingly. A good idea would be to separate them by at least three days. If you wash your hair on Sundays, the next time you should wash your hair is on a Wednesday. This gives you time to flaunt your first, second and third-day hair. Deep condition after both washes however cowash for one wash. While shampoo is a cleanser, using it too frequently can dry out your hair. Avoid using gel and heavy products to style your hair so you don’t have to shampoo during every wash. Don’t feel obligated to make both deep conditioning sessions the same length in time. Ideally, the Sunday deep conditioning session should last longer (30 minutes to an hour) while the next one can be anywhere from 10-15 minutes.

How to Deep Condition

  1. Shampoo hair. Towel dry ends.
  2. Apply deep treatment starting at ends and work your way up. Comb with the finest tooth comb possible to make sure all strands are coated well.
  3. Allow deep treatment to work for at least 10 minutes. Rinse and style.






Curly cut
Most of us don’t like to sacrifice our length but seasonal cuts are so necessary. Split ends are also a result of the winter’s dryness so you want to make sure you’re going into the summer with healthy, hydrated curls. If you cut your hair now, it’ll have already grown back a little by the summer. Curly cuts are also a good option if you’re looking into a new shape- it’s always fun to change your hairstyle!






Color Craze
If you’re going to add some highlights or undergo a drastic color change, the time to do so is now. While the winter dries out your hair, being in pools and beaches can have a negative effect on your hair due to the chlorine in the water. Take advantage of the moderate weather so your hair can settle in before the summer. Most stylists also start booking up during the April through May months, so now is the time to set that appointment!



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