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Techniques To Try To Manage Frizzy Curls

Every year, we are all introduced to new tips and tricks on how to manage our curls. Just a few years ago, curls were as simple as just adding water and conditioner. Now, we have certain ways to produce the most defined curls, what temperature the water should be on when washing our hair and how often we should wash it. What may seem like a commitment and a lengthy process to some can actually be simple depending on your knowledge. For instance, deep conditioning plays a large role in natural hair care but depending on how you space out your deep conditioning sessions, it doesn’t have to be exhausting. Everything in the hair care space consists of knowing how and when to do things.

Once you’ve mastered both, you’ll make your hair a part of your daily routine and lifestyle. Here are some new curly hair techniques to try:


Sorry not like this. By marrying two or more curl products, you can achieve effective results when styling your hair. Mixing two different products is a great way to get the best of both words because each product serves a different purpose.  Mixing a cream and a gel is likely to produce smooth definition because you’ll be able to coat your strands with an even amount of both products. The cream will serve as the soft frizz reducer while the gel will seal your hair and secure its form. Your application though needs to be specific for a great result (without globs or white flakes forming on curls)

  1. Start with very wet curls.
  2. Melt the cream first through hair really well AND then wipe off your hands
  3. Scrunch gel through and dry as desired

Lose the Wide Tooth Comb
Don’t freak out! It doesn’t have to be completely out of your routine it just shouldn’t be your primary comb for most curlies in the 2-3 range. Yes, we go against what most salons recommend on this one but we have seen a lot of curl types having issues because of lack of detangling. You should use the finest tooth comb possible for YOUR HAIR and here is why. Large wide tooth combs (or just using fingers) skip a lot of knots and the conditioner is never reaching the inside of a knot. You want the conditioner to wrap around strands to hydrate 360 degrees. If you see fairy knots this is exactly what’s going on (happens a lot with kid curls) or have excessive frizz or knots at the nape of your neck. Take your time when detangling the better you do the smoother curls will feel. As the curls get used to it try to go to the next comb down with more teeth next time you deep condition. Pro tip for girls who like larger curls. After your done detangling with a finer tooth com run the wide tooth comb through curls and then rinse in place.


Abolish The Brush
If it’s not a paddle brush, there isn’t much reason to consistently use other brushes to style your hair. Major frizziness is also a big issue those with curly hair face when using brushes. While some like their curls with a little bit of frizz, using a standard brush will give you the ultimate frizz- the unpleasant kind. Stick to a paddle brush for definition, Denman brush to individualize each curl or a brush with soft bristles to keep your hair back. Pro tip squeeze excess water out of curls and comb soaking wet with a good quality conditioner.If you need to brush to get hair back into a pony spray hairline with water and layer a little bit of gel around the hairline and then comb.

Skip the Consecutive Wash Days
Washing your hair too often in a short amount of time can strip your hair of its natural oils and cause dandruff. While it’s tempting to wash your hair every couple of days, think about how much product you have to use and how soon you’ll have to repurchase it. Instead, create a mental plan of how many different hairstyles you want to do to get the most out of a wash-and-go. Here is a plan to get you started

Day 1 Wash and go (gently squeeze outside cast)

Day 2 Refresh curls with a next day spray such as Curlfections Next Day Refreshing Mist Bonus! It contains a UV block to protect scalp and color in summer

Day 3 Part and twist the front pieces to take them out of your face and secure with a decorative clip

Day 4 Braid or pony your style. Hold fly aways down with the same product you used to style day 1

Let Your Curls Dry on Their Own
Adding styling product while your hair is dripping wet is the new trend and we hope it’s here to stay. By applying product directly after washing your hair, you will get the most out of the product and experience defined curls. Yes, it will take longer for your hair to dry by doing this but the results will be impeccable. Sure, you can still use a microfiber towel or a T-shirt to dry off the excess water. But the least amount of touching will yield you the best results. Pro tip bring all your styling products into the shower and apply as soon as water is shut off.

Smasters Technique
Hate frizz? This technique might just be the solution to your problem. First, wash your hair using your usual products such as your shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in and then style with your chosen styling product. DRY. Next, wet your hands and add an appropriate amount of gelling product to your hair. Then gently scrunch more of the curl enhancing gel onto your hair without breaking up the cast to avoid frizz. This is why it is important to apply the gel with wet hands as it’ll minimize the chances of frizziness. Lastly, allow your hair to air dry or diffuse (using a medium to low heat) to speed up the drying process. Using the “smasters” method might be likely to weigh your hair down which you can change by using less water and less product when applying. This technique is common within looser curls but recommended for all curl types to ensure coverage and definition.


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