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Choosing the Right Diffuser for your Curl


Diffusers they all look so different how do you know what to choose? First lets begin with what is a diffuser?- A diffuser redistributes warm or cool air so that it doesn’t blow directly on your hair. Ultimately disturbing your curl and making you frizzy. If you use a blow dryer with out a diffuser the curls will eventually grow and expand the more you dry.

With several types of very different looking diffusers on the market choosing the right one can be a challenge.

Our curl experts recommendations are based on a persons wants and needs for their curls. Here are our most popular recommendations.




img_8835-1You want body and need fast drying time. Try a cup diffuser. Feed the curl into the diffuser with your head upside down holding each section for few minutes. Flip the cool button on towards the end of drying time to add shine and seal in your style. Always use High heat but low air setting on your dryer or your hair will frizz.






img_8838You cant be bothered with holding a dryer but don’t want to be soaking wet for hours. Try a hood dryer. All you have to do is sit there. The hood dryer takes care of removing moisture from the hair and has several different settings. We recommend using your unit on high for the first 10 minutes then massage your root to break the casting a little and set the the dryer on medium finally finishing with a few minutes of cool before you put it away. The unit rolls right into a hall closet or there are table top varieties that fold up. This process will take approx 30 mins.





img_8618You have a tight curl pattern and don’t want any body. But …. you don’t want to leave your head  soaking wet. A hand diffuser is your best bet. Slip the hand into the scalp and dry the curls at your root. Warm air escapes through the fingers in all different directions. Try to not move it around much or your curl casting will explode. Expect to leave your ends wet and air dry the rest but your can alleviate the cold scalp on winter days.





img_8858You just want to dry a little bit or have a very fragile curl pattern Try a sock diffuser. Socks fit over nossel of the dryer and have the most outlets for warm air to escape. It makes the air very gentle. It will take longer for the curls to dry.




We love diffusers for the fall and winter just always remember to use yours on high heat and low air. Stylist hack- after you have finished with diffusing go back into curls with a “working hairspray” such as Moroccan Oil Hair Spray and then re diffuse your curl on cool to set the style and shine it up.


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