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New Looks For The New Year

When it comes to the world of curls, we never know what to expect for the years to come. Just a few years ago, curly hair was barely being sported in lieu of straight hair being the beauty standard. Now, we have so many appreciated variations of curls that it’s almost impossible to think about what trends are next to come.

Last year, the blonde highlights became a popular choice amongst curly haired girls. We even saw a few pixie cuts surfacing. We find that most girls choose their next hair color or style based on pictures they see of curly hair influencers online. Great use of social media, right? Curly hair trends never seem to die out because the textured hair just keeps reaching new levels every year. However, we do have some predictions for 2019 that might of not been featured in 2018:

Grey/Platinum Hair
A lot of blondes are currently in the waiting line for grey/platinum hair. If the process to obtain these colors was that easy, we’re sure most of us would have them already. In order to lift dark hair to grey, multiple coloring sessions are needed for a safe transition. The process can be time consuming and costly, but if you want to look like Storm, 2019 is the year to shoot for these hues.

Going Back To Your Natural Color
While colors are always fun, some find that maintaining them isn’t. Constant deep conditioning sessions, protein treatments and staying away from the sun is a lot to do for many, which is why they prefer going back to their natural state. This year, some will choose to dye their natural color while some will let their hair grow out and trim the colored ends.

Shaggy Pixie Cuts
Pixie cuts made a huge debut in 2018 and they’re not going away for 2019. This stylish cut is one of the most liberating styles for curly girls who have had big, long hair for years. This cut is a daring one, but it provides a sense of edginess that most styles don’t. Have a oval, square, or heart-shaped face? This might be the perfect cut for you this year.

Lion-Shaped Cuts
Most transitioners often get inspired by round, lion-shaped cuts to start off their curly hair journey. They love the volume and vividness of the style, especially if it’s paired with highlights. Those with straight, droopy curls opt for this look as well because it brings out their face and adds life to their hair. While this style requires more maintenance such as picking and proper styling, it’s a timeless look that many will lean towards in 2019.

Even Higher Buns With Bangs
Curly hair, while it’s loose, is fun enough, but when you add a twist to it and do a high bun with your bangs out, it’s even more fun. Take it to the next level by securing your bun to the starting point of your bangs. This gives the back an accentuated and rounded look. Not only does this look allow you to give it more drama with big earrings and colorful clothes, it stays in one place and isn’t all up in your face. This look will return heavily once the summer arrives, we can sense it.


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