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How To Stretch Your Style

The goal of a wash-and-go is to make it last for as many days as possible. It’s a very frustrating feeling to have your style ruined by the second day because you sweat it out at the gym. It can be a tough battle deciding to change your lifestyle or to maintain your curls for the week.
Sometimes it doesn’t have to be a battle, however. Whether it’s wearing a silk wrap to protect yourself from the sauna’s heat or washing your hair on a week where you don’t have any extreme activities to do, there are many ways around stretching your style.

For most, their day two hair works better for them because it’s had enough time to dry and reach its highest level of volume. Others prefer first-day hair because it’s the most defined and fresh. We also find that some wait until their third or fourth day to sport their hair and take pictures because it’s as puffy as it can get. Whatever your preference is, stretching your wash-and-go is not impossible and is most effective when you know your hair’s capability and behavior.

Live an active lifestyle? No worries. You can still continue going to the gym five times a week without worrying about your style going downhill. Put on a satin wrap or even a satin lined cap before your workout and get going. Sure, you might feel a little insecure with either item on your head but you’re killing two birds with one stone here. You’re maintaining your health and preserving your wash-and-go for days to come. There are also many different wraps and caps with neutral or fun designs online depending on your taste.




Those who like to plan ahead and cross things off their planner every day know when it’s going to be a busy or relaxed week. If you have a busy week ahead that consists of a lot of physical activity, it might not be the best week to deep condition and wash-and-go. If it’s going to be a week filled with only work and Netflix, find some time to wash your hair, style it and let it air dry. Since you won’t be moving around too much, you will have a few days to show off your hair without any frizz.


Loose, curly hair might not be everyone’s favorite style after the first two days. Some prefer to do fun hairstyles after the initial stages post wash-and-go. You can experiment with different styles once you get bored of having your hair out. You can opt for the half-up half-down style, the pineapple bun with the bangs out and even two buns with a middle split. It’s always up to you, but we definitely recommend trying out new styles while your scalp is still fresh.

The key is knowing how your hair operates with certain products, drying times and how often you wash it. If your hair is very prone to dryness, schedule a deep conditioning session at least once a week. If your hair doesn’t mix well with a diffuser, wash it in advance so it has enough time to air dry (washing it the day before even helps). Studying your hair’s behavior and patterns is bound to let you know how long your style will last. Once you stick to a certain routine, stretching your style should not be a problem.