Re-Opening June 11th

We truly hope that you and your family are well!

OPENING DAY for our stylist is Thursday, June 11th

We are ready for you and booking services as usual!
Additionally, we have
3 NEW choices for those who
want to EXPRESS service!
*Express services are for clients that have been to us before.
We are exchanging out the drying time that would usually keep you
in salon longer for a deep treatment to go. Additionally we can
give you later appointment times.
*All services are available if express service is not for you.
If you are booked for express but wish to switch please
call and we will do our best to accommodate you!


    -Come by yourself for the appointment unless accompanying a minor
    -We will need to do a temperature check
    -There will be no beverages or magazines offered
    – Masks must be worn in the salon at all times
    – You will need to sign a form stating no one in your house or living situation is sick and you have not been sick in the past 14 days
    – Please wear an old tee shirt for express services

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Things to know!

-Our schedule has changed. Stylists are not available all of the same days as they had been for either personal or 50% capacity reasons. Please give us a range of availability when requesting an appointment.

-Give us a call for quickest booking we are trying to get through messages and email but there is a lot to go through ๐Ÿ˜‰ We are open regular hours.

– If you click the link to request service please just tell us when your appointments had been scheduled. Otherwise, we will be repeatedly calling you. Sorry in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

– We are limited to 50% capacity and will be using every other chair and have lots of new procedures in place for your safety as well as staff.

Commonly asked Questions

If I have a fever over 100.4 what happens? Any client or staff member with a fever, will be tested 3 times before asking to leave. If a fever is still present we have to require you to have a negative covid test before we are allowed to have you back in the salon. (As per state guidelines) Once you can confirm the test was negative we will prioritize your appointment to get you back in ASAP.

What is the express service option? Express services are our Cut and Go service or Color and Go service. These services get you in and out of the salon faster as we exchange one feature for another. Instead of drying/processing in salon we offer a you a deep treatment instead to take home (normally additional $25) This service is only available to existing clientsย 

Why can’t I bring a guest to the salon? Due to the New York State guideline we have to limit the amount of staff and clients in the salon at this time and restrictions are based on space available. Children under the age of 18 may be escorted by 1 adult.

Can I bring in my beverage? So sorry we are not allowed to have food or beverages on the salon floor. Please enjoy them outside before coming in.This is a guideline that we have to follow from New York State.

If you have trouble booking please call the desk


We are just as concerned as you are with a healthy and clean environment for our clients and staff. We have been discussing concerns with salons all over the world and have put these steps in place. It is currently above and beyond what has been asked of us so far but we take this very seriously and will provide everything in our reach to ensure client and staff safety. We are NYS compliant and will adjust the protocol as they do.

New UV light air sanitizing system installed throughout the salons HVAC system to ensure we’re providing the best quality possible air quality.

All staff including receptionists have taken the most recent Barbicide certification and understand all up to date cleansing procedures.

Distancing work stations, Limited staff to client ratios, Health checks are just the start of our in house safety procedures.

Customized face shields at the reception desk and shampoo sink to lessen any possible unintentional contact.

New check-in and check out procedures for clients.