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How You Can Protect Your Curls This Summer

While the summer can be the most fun time of the year for many, most curly girls agree it can be double the work. Think about the amount of time and maintenance your hair requires- now multiply that by two. The sun and its UV rays can be detrimental to your hair by drying it out. For those who love lightening their hair color, the sun will definitely help in that department but you must still be careful of accidentally damaging curls by not protecting with enough moisture when entering the pool or while at the beach.


When visiting the beach or pool you must be the most careful with your hair. The saltwater from the beach and the chlorine from the pool can be harsh to your hair especially if it has color in it. Make sure to deep condition beforehand or use a leave-in to protect your hair before going in the water. You can also opt for a swimming cap or a wrapped towel if you’d like. If dipping your head in the water is not your thing, you should have no problem.

Your hair is at its weakest point when it’s wet, so after your dip stay away from drying your hair. Let it release all the water and then scrunch it using a microfiber towel or a T-shirt. Post-beach and pool hair is very difficult to detangle and is more prone to breakage if you try to comb it. Let it be for a few minutes, jump in the shower and wash, condition and deep condition to restore hydration. Using sulfate free products will greatly reduce the breakage opportunity when cleansing. A simple to use cleanser conditioner and detangler in one bottle is Curlfections One Step Cream Cleanser 

Use a wide-toothed comb and detangle gently by holding your hair from the roots and gently combing the ends first. Be open to braiding or twisting your hair afterward to further protect it.

There are UV Gels , sprayable leave-in conditioners and UV protectant sprays if you don’t feel like going through the washing process before the pool or beach. Remember- your hair needs sunscreen too! Thermal protection sprays also have UV protection as well so check your product cabinet- you might have one of these. You can also saturate your hair in the shower (or outdoor pool/beach shower) to keep the chlorine away. The more conditioning products your hair has in it before coming in contact with chlorine or salt water, the more protected it is.

While this might be obvious, it’s suggested you tie your hair up while swimming. It’s still going to get wet but you’ll be able to keep it tamed. You won’t have to go through the whole washing process afterward as well.

Coconut and olive oil are also used to combat chlorine. Coat your hair in coconut oil or olive oil before your swim. Both products create a slippery barrier between your hair and the chemicals in the water. Just make sure to do a deep wash afterwards- no one likes a sticky situation!

Frizz is probably the biggest problem for those who like to sport a fro during the summer. The heat and humidity won’t be on your side and if you don’t apply product and seal your hair properly. Your hair will literally look like world’s biggest cotton ball by the end of the day. It’s also highly uncomfortable to sport a fro under the sun because it’ll make you sweat more. However, don’t panic- stylish hats and wraps are in this season so make a few stops at your favorite apparel stores and bulk up on a few. Not only will they add more flavor to your look, they’ll protect your hair. We’re not saying to hide the fro from the sun, but just make sure to carry a fanning item so you don’t pass out in 90-degree weather. This CAN happen, so always stay hydrated!

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