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Different Ways to Manipulate Your Curls

Different Ways to Manipulate Your Curls



Coiling is a great method for those who like springier, defined curls. It’s a really simple process which only requires four steps. First you wash your hair, add a styling product of your choice, grab the selected amount of hair you desire and twist it using your index finger. Repeat until you have gotten to every strand of your hair or you can also coil the desired section. This method can also be done by using the stick part of a fine tooth comb and wrapping your curl into it. If you have highlights in your hair, coiling it will make each highlight stand out as it mixes in with the other color in your hair. Coiling also weighs your hair down- if you have short hair and want longer hair (or at least more flexibility with it), this method will definitely give your hair a new twist, no pun intended.

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots work well for two purposes- for those who are transitioning and for those who simply want a different touch to their curls. This method takes some time to complete if you want your knots to be well evened out and well proportioned. It can take up to 30 minutes depending on your consistency with each section and knot. Ideally, your hair should be damp and combed out in order to achieve the best results when knotting your hair. Use a fine tooth comb to make a square for every section you’re going to knot. Apply desired product (preferably a curling cream, custard, or pudding) to every section thoroughly and use your finger to twist every part and knot it. A bobby pin will do best at holding every knot in place. Use a protective barrier at night such as a satin bonnet or a wrap to protect your knots. When you wake up, unravel every knot and use your fingers to rake through them. This will give your hair a fuller and wavier look.



Twist-outs work best for tighter and kinkier curls, such as 4a, 4b, and 4c types. These curl types hold styles well because the hair is thicker and can resist more breakage than looser curl types. This method is similar to the bantu knots, except you’ll be taking a section of your hair and twisting it into two. Repeat until you have twisted every section. Use a satin bonnet or wrap at night if you wish to preserve the style. A twist-out will result in a defined, voluminous look.


Most curl types achieve good results with flexi-rods. Flexi-rods are foam tubes with a wire in the middle that help curl your hair into bigger, voluminous curls. While these rods look like they might be tricky to use, you just have to twist your hair around the rod starting at the ends up until your roots and bend the rod until it stays in place. This method isn’t the most comfortable to sleep in, but you are guaranteed to see results by the time you wake up. Flexi-rods also work for straight hair, as they can help one achieve waves through them.