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Different Ways to Protect Your Curls While You Sleep

Small Braids
For those who desire a wavier look, braiding your hair at night will definitely do the trick. Similar to the two-strand twist method, first apply a refreshing product to your hair to make it damp. Next, divide your hair in 8-10 sections and  braid every section. If you want to still show some of your natural curl pattern, looser braids will do the job. For tighter waves, tighter braids will give you the exact result you are looking for. Finish each braid with a small rubber band. For extra coverage, wear a satin bonnet or sleep on a satin pillowcase to minimize frizz. This method is most beneficial for those with loose to medium curls, ranging from the 2A to 3B types

Satin Bonnet/ Slaps
Using a satin bonnet is probably the simplest method for your hair’s bedtime routine. You can find a satin bonnet at your local dollar store or you can order one from Amazon for less than $5. Like the pineapple method, you have to whip your hair to the front and put the bonnet on starting from the back of your hair. The reason why you have to put all your hair to the front is so when you remove the cap and refresh it, all your hair will be in one place- it’s less of a hassle for you in the morning! If you want the most stylish version try SLAPS $29.95 (you will be redirected to amazon)

satin pillowcase

Satin Pillowcase
This is the best and effortless method for your nighttime routine, especially for those with longer curls. You can find a satin pillowcase at any department store like Target or Walmart. You can also use a satin wrap and wrap it around your pillow as an alternative. This method is perfect for those who are super tired when they get home from a long night out and just want to jump on their bed. Satin material is smooth and silky which is beneficial for your hair as it’ll slide on the pillow, preventing tangling and frizz. Your hair will thank you in the morning when you refresh it- especially if it’s long because it’s easier to style longer hair.


Pineapple-ing is one of the most popular methods those with curly hair use for bed. This method is beneficial for those with medium and short lengthed hair because it won’t fall on your face while you sleep. All you need is a satin wrap to pineapple- first you fold it diagonally, put your head down and make sure all your hair is in front of your face. Next, place the wrap starting from the bottom of your head (make sure the pointy part is in the front) and tie the two sides in the front into a knot. You can stuff the pointy part into the knot if you don’t want your hair out. If you’d like, you can use a bobby pin (or two) and pin it at the bottom of your head so the wrap can stay intact. (Yes, it can slip out while you sleep if it’s not tight enough.) In the morning, simply spray a hair refreshing product and crunch your hair with your fists to get your desired next day hair look. Using a pick to refresh also helps for those who have volume!

If you have short curly hair, this might be the best method for you. The multi-pineapple method is achieved by splitting your hair into two or three pieces and using a scrunchie to hold the mini-pineapple. Hair ties with a metal piece are no good for curly hair. Instead, you should use a spiral scrunchie- also known as Groomees. These hair ties leave no dents in your hair and they don’t stretch it out as much as a standard hair tie would. You don’t even need to double-tie when you use Groomees because their form blends in with your curl pattern. If you stretch out your Groomees and it’s too wide, simply place it in a bowl of hot water and it will shrink to its initial size. Ultimately, these hair ties will make your multi-pineapple experience more pleasant, because you won’t have to do twice the work in the morning because they won’t cause dents in your hair.

Two-strand Twists
It’s literally as simple as it sounds and it’s an effective method that supports your nighttime hair routine. Split your hair vertically into two, then use a refreshing product like a mist or mix conditioner and water into a spray bottle and spray it onto your hair to give it more flexibility. Starting with one half, split it into two and twist the two pieces around each other from root to ends. This method prevents your curls from getting flat overnight and if your hair is damp, your two-strand twist will give you tight curls which will thank you in the morning. For those with tighter, kinkier curls this method is effective for you as thicker hair is more prone to hold styles in place.